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I mean nobody is saying you <strong>SHOULD</strong> pay multiple 1st picks to trade Campbell.

But at the same time teams aren't going to be lining up to have dead cap on their books for the next 3-6 years either. More than 2/3 the teams in the NHL currently have aspirations for at least the playoffs over the next 2 years and want to maximize every cap dollar. On top of that most owners won't be ok with paying $9m for a player to not play for their team or worst $15m to play in the AHL. That leaves you with an incredibly small market of teams that would even have the capacity to take Campbell on without getting to those that would actually be open to it.

I can't speak for any other market but MTL specifically has been very openly reluctant to take on longer term dead cap under Hughes. He has been very vocal about cap flexibility being a top priority and not wanting to resort to buyouts if at all possible. He easily could have bought out Hoffman and Armia this past summer and instead opted against it despite the mild terms on those buyouts. I can't imagine a 6 year buyout being of any interest to him unless an offer he can't refuse materialized, which a 1st and 3rd most certainly isn't.

Outside the Habs I can only think of SJ, Philly and maybe MN or CHI potentially being open to a Campbell dump. The other teams either have a mandate to win or cheap ownership. Most likely outcome IMO is EDM being forced to buyout because I can't see a 1st + 3rd being enough to entice them to deal with this problem.
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Thread: Perry
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>But that's kind of the same point I'm agreeing to in my two above posts: Blackwood isn't one of the star goaltenders in the NHL today, he's just performing really well on a gutted Sharks roster.

This entire conversation is surrounding the idea of my rebuttal of Bourgault, Broberg, the 2025 1st, and Campbell for Blackwood. I'm aligned with Allan's discussion, having reached this conclusion not from the opinion that Seravalli dropped, but extrapolating to the Oilers being in a really bad bargaining position at the moment. To expect Edmonton to get absolutely nothing back in that return is insane to me, no matter how much of a black hole Campbell is in terms of value. That's too much capital to be moving out to free up less than $4M in cap space over the next three years.</div></div>

My bad, I hadn't gotten to that point in the thread yet.

However I don't completely agree with your point of Bourgault and Broberg holding more inherent value than a 1st round pick. Bourgault himself was a late 1st pick and hasn't exactly lit the world on fire since turning pro and I think his value IMO is pretty much in line with his draft slot and I would rate him more of a B than B+ prospect until he shows more offence. As for Broberg, he is in his 3rd pro season in NA and still hasn't been able to take hold of a regular role in the NHL despite management being very high on him. The fact that the coaching staff don't play a 3rd year pro for even 11 minutes per game speaks to the lack of trust and belief in this player which is concerning given that he was drafted as a future Ekholm style 2 way, dependable stalwart and not a high event, risky player which coaches are often wary of.

Though prospect evaluation is far from an exact science and Grier might be more aligned with your view and find the value proposed to be sufficient. I personally don't see much surplus value to either player compared to a late 1st round pick and so agree with Emil that more would need to be added get Blackwood.
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Thread: Perry
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howie</b></div><div>Schmidt could be a healthy scratch or see if he can be traded but 2 years compared to 4 is massive as cap is king in the nhl.

For the cap dump cost. Right now he has 2 points in 21 games. What if next year he's worse, gets injured, etc. The cost to trade a 2 point in 21 game player is less than a 5.5m with 10 points in 42 ahl games. Remember physical players like Anderson are walking time bombs which they can fall off a cliff at any moment based on his style of play. You can remove him allow Ylonen 18 minutes a night and maybe he becomes an even better lehkonen but mtl would never know without trading Anderson. Look at Gallagher for the contract like you mentioned ltir but look at Gallagher now he sure is playing okay but on a contending mtl team do you want him being paying 6m plus 100% no. No guarantee they are ltir retired but just end up like a Louie eriksson who made 6m and wasn't injured but wasn't nhl caliber.</div></div>

Ylonen is being rotated with Armia and Pezzetta, whether Anderson is there or not won't likely affect his ice much. If he hadn't been scratched all season I might be tempted to agree with you but if he's being rotated with 4th liners and not playing above Pearson then Anderson isn't what's blocking his way.

The issue that I can't seem to get through here is that you're trying to fix a problem MTL don't have "NOW" and aren't even sure they'll have in the future. It's a bit like if someone was trying to sell you a tent because you might go camping in 2 years. You tell them that's great but you don't even know if you'll actually go camping though, so you'd rather wait until then to buy one. The salesman replies that prices might be higher at that point so you should buy his tent now just in case. You then reply that you'd rather wait to see if you actually need one before buying it, as it makes more sense to pay a higher price when you know you need a tent than to pay for a tent now and not be sure you'll actually need it.

We don't know what will happen this season, let alone next season or the one after that. What we do know is that the more term comes off a contract, the easier it becomes to move. Therefore if MTL don't need to move this contract now or next season then why rush to do so when the price to move said contract is not likely to be much higher when they eventually MIGHT, POTENTIALLY, find themselves needing to move it? It makes more sense to wait and see how things develop and act if needed, than act now at expensive cost for something that may never come to pass. Several years ago people made the same type of ACGM about Weber and Price's contracts that would have seen MTL pay dearly in assets to move potentially "problematic contracts" which never ended up being much of an issue for the team.

So to sum up, if there does come a time where MTL do need to rid themselves of Anderson's contract then whatever the price ends up being they will pay it. In the mean time they have no need to move his contract and so they won't.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howie</b></div><div>How many of those teams have/ can afford to trade another first. BOS, FLA, TB and PIT all have traded their 2024 first and have below average prospects. If lindholm is available which is likely jets have a 1st which half the teams you mentioned don't and the other half don't a hole at center (nyr have zib and trocheck, Colorado has Mackinnon and Johanson, Dallas has hintz and segiun) so jets have the best chance of everyone you mentioned lol and that took 5 minutes to look into at most</div></div>

My point wasn't that WPG have no chance of getting Lindholm. It was that if Lindholm is available only one team can get him and subsequently those who did not get him will turn to Monahan as the best option, which makes him a sought after commodity and supports a high valuation IMO.

It's true that most contenders don't have highly rated prospect pools but that doesn't mean they don't have any noteworthy prospects, it simply means they don't have many of them and likely no elite ones (which a team likely wouldn't trade anyways). TB could make Howard or Gauthier available to offset the lack of a 2024 pick and BOS could use Lohrei or Lysell in the same capacity while PIT could use Yager. GMs who believe they are close to a cup often find ways of being creative to improve their team.

LA having Kopitar and Danault didn't prevent them from adding Dubois nor did Toronto having Matthews and Tavares prevent them from targeting O'Reilly and Acciari. Boston's great blueline didn't prevent them from adding Orlov nor did Carolina having Slavin and Skjei on the left and Burns and Pesce on the right prevent them from signing Orlov and DeAngelo. A team doesn't require a hole at a certain position to be interested in upgrading their roster for a trip to the playoffs.
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