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Thread: Trade Weber
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LoganOllivier</b></div><div>They why are the Habs wanting to move him? This is the common argument on here. "I don't like this player anymore and his contract is obviously going to be a problem, I'll now talk him up like he'd be the best player on whatever team I am trading him too and then ask for a huge windfall because once upon a time he was an allstar." That's about as transparent an argument as you can give.

If Weber is still a top pair defenceman, why would you trade him? Especially when the Habs are supposed to be a playoff team this year? The answer to that question is pretty obvious. You don't like how he's playing and hope you can drop his anchor of a contract on someone else.

Its the same thing everyone on here tries to do when they try to trade older players with term. Essentially the same thing happens when people on here try to trade for younger players who have an off year. Like people trying to get Drouin for a 2nd and spare parts. They'll say something like "He's been nothing for years, he's washed up and is only a 50 point player nothing more. Can you please, please trade him to me for a 2nd round pick and this prospect that will never make it?".

If you want to trade someone, there is always a reason and in this case, anyone wanting to trade Weber is doing so because he's declining and costs almost 8 million dollars for 6 more years.</div></div>

No, it's mostly about resetting the team leaving more place for rookies.
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Thread: Trade Weber