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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 9 at 12:11 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Windjammer</b></div><div>I know you don't appreciate rational thought and reasoning, but you're not providing anything Winnipeg needs that would make them consider moving the 2nd

Farrell - tiny, dime a dozen, long shot to be an AHL regular, no value.

A low 2nd, and a high and low 3rd - little to no value. Unlikely to yield an NHL player with those picks.

Why would Winnipeg throw away a high 2nd that is almost a first and could yield an NHL player for 4 pieces that will almost certainly (without complete luck) turn into anything?

You even know yourself that you're offering very low to no value pieces. Which is why you offered 4 of them. The typical 4 nickels for a dollar type deal you usually propose.

If Winnipeg came to you with this fluff offer. Would you take it? Honestly?</div></div>

Thanks for the detail answer - I could figure that because WPG doesn't have a first - that second becomes their "first" in 2024 so it becomes more valuable in their eyes. While Arizona would probably be more open to such a 4 nickels for a dollar type deal ( when I think it's more a 1$ for two 50cents)

I obviously disagree with your evaluation of Farrell and the picks as the increase probability to make the NHL is not t that important between the 2 seconds... and the relative price of such moves is pretty constant and this offer would be higher than most similar trades (some that the habs accepted as well to move back or to draft in latter year.

Aka - trading the habs 2024 2nd round pick (WPG's pick) for the habs 2025 first round pick (MTL) + a 3rd - could probably make more sense for the Jets.
Forum: Repêchage SimuléMay 9 at 9:48 a.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 8 at 3:54 p.m.
Thread: Moving up
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>To begin with, the difference between 3rd overall and 5th overall is 21st overall -- well up the ladder from where the Winnipeg first is even if Boston, Colorado and Edmonton win their second series.

Second, none of those young players is very appealing to Anaheim (specifically). Barron is a very good prospect and looks like he might be a second-pairing RD. However, Pat Verbeek's announced assignment for this off-season is to add a top-4 RD and we already have Gudas and Lindstrom on the roster and Luneau coming up, so he's not the jewel to us that he might (and should) be to other teams. Harris, while also a very nice prospect with second-pair potential, is a LD and we have no fewer than four young LDs already on the roster in addition to Cam Fowler plus two good prospects coming up on that side, so he isn't a needle-mover either. Kidney is, as you admit, a B prospect left-handed forward and we have a surplus of those both on the roster and in the pipeline, so he's effectively a nullity. If Chicago takes Levshunov, I think that Anaheim would only accept the Winnipeg first and another pick or a right-handed A prospect like Beck or Mesar plus your earliest 2025 second to move back to fifth overall. Easily affordable spare parts like Barron, Harris, Kidney, Heineman, RHP etc. no more close the gap in this kind of deal than they do in a proposed Trevor Zegras trade.</div></div>

At that point it is not worth it for the habs - as the difference between Lindstrom and Iginla is not that wide.

If Levshunov is taken - ANA has a reason to trade back - and Habs would probably have the best offer.