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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChampEddy</b></div><div>Yes, that is my only complaint is not acting on MP now. I think it would be better to make the move now.

I am fine for forwards I don`t think we needed to move there. Our biggest issue is in front of our own net. Teams have their way with us there, especially on the powerplay and that will only get worse in the playoffs. MP has been utilized incorrectly as our #6 LD in a defensive, physical role because Matheson has emerged as the superior offensive threat. MP doesn`t fit that role and isn`t good at it tbh.

I just think moving MP for futures and replacing him with an actual tough, physical D to play that role was the right move. From listening to rumors and hearing Hextall speak it sounds like they were looking for a 1st for MP and no one was biting so they decided to stand pat and not disrupt the team chemistry. I just think it still would have been better to offload MP and trade a 5th o 6th for Jordie Benn or use the picks from MP for Zadorov. That is my only concern with this team. Jarry is going to have a hell of at time seeing pucks and battling in front of the net, especially in the playoffs when it gets even harder there.

That is my only complaint. We`ll see, maybe the team is super tight and they can rally around together and make it work but when I look at the team I see one major hole and that is it and I think the opportunity was there to fix it today and they decided not to. Obviously I don`t know the details of what conversations were going and maybe they couldn`t facilitate the trades needed to make it happen but I think the team would have been much better if they did somehow make those moves work.</div></div>

The issue with moving him now isnt from our point of view, but other teams' point of view. A lot of teams already have 3 Dmen (or 4) they plan on protecting, so picking Pettersson up now doesnt make sense for them. Once the expansion draft passes, I could see teams having interest in him. I do think he is probably gone based on the emergence of POJ. Regardless, an MP trade at this point was never going to make sense.
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