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Thread: I like it
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JuanDamienNebraska</b></div><div>I disagree entirely on the premise that DOC needs a prove it deal. He’s proved that he can be a more than competent 4th liner with youthful energy and upside. The question becomes whether or not he can advance to a 3rd line role in the coming years. I think that is up in the air and probably slightly unlikely. As his confidence continues to grow, I feel he’ll even further cement himself as a very good 4th liner that can periodically move up in the instance that there are injuries. I would sign him to term now incase he does break out. I’d say 3 years 1 million max. Probably just below that number. He was playing very well the second half of the year.

As for Poehling, I think you’ve got it right with his deal.

Nylander we should sign to a two year deal. He played well when in the line up. Two years gives us enough evaluation and experimental time with him and it will mean that his deal will expire alongside Petry’s. Therefore if he does breakout this year, we will be able to pay him rather than lose him after this coming season, like we would if he were on a one year. The AHL stint was a wake up call and he is clearly hungry as he watches his brother succeed. A breakout (relatively speaking) is certainly possible. I’d say 800k-850k for Nylander at the two years. Hopefully 800k, but the two years is important.

Smith will likely get more than Joseph did. Keep in mind Smith has two seasons of NHL experience with the Devils and played pretty solid for at least one of those, given the circumstances of the team. He would’ve been in the show this year if it weren’t for our LD overload, his face injury, and him being the only one on a two way deal. I think we should sign him to term while we can, probably in the 900-950k range. The worst that can happen is that he stays at a 6th d man skill set and with that deal he’d be paid as such for 3 years. All upside to lock him up to those terms.

Puustinen I can see for signing to about 800k or even league min. Obviously he doesn’t have the NHL minutes, but has performed excellently wherever he’s played. I’d say 800kish just because he very well could leave for Finland for a bit if he doesn’t see a spot on the team in the near future. That’d extra could entice him a bit. Of all the players though id say he’d be most likely to get league min. I would pay him a high AHL salary incase he doesn’t make the team this season out of camp. He’ll surely replace Carter the following year though. Two years makes sense for him for similar reasons to Nylander. The Petry monster deal will expire when they do too.

Poehling - 1 million 3 years
O’Connor - 900k-1 million 3 years
Smith - 900k-950kish 3 years
Nylander - 800-850kish 2 years
Puustinen - 800kish 2 years (2 way deal with high AHL salary)

Is what I’d like to realistically see. Anything lower salary wise than what I’ve laid out is a bonus, but I’d at least plan to pay each of these guys the lower of the above numbers realistically.

It’s important to keep in mind that the couple 50-100k are vital for these guys as is the security of decent term and one way contracts. There’s a big difference between league min and these number for these guys lives and moral. That’s my take on them.</div></div>

Thats fair. I can understand your points. Not crazy differences honestly.
Just got Nylander one spot on :cool
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Thread: I like it
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