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Forum: Armchair-GMOct. 17, 2018 at 2:57 a.m.
Thread: EK to CHI
Forum: Armchair-GMMar. 1, 2018 at 10:05 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HawksFan28</b></div><div>The Hawks aren't going to sign Tavares.

Kovalchuk is a very good possibility.

After that tho you really gotta focus on improving the bottom 6 with excellent, experienced two-way players... Bring in Bozak and Vermette.

But most of all the Hawks defense needs massive improvement. Bowman needs to sign 2-3 sold veterans back there . They need a legitimate #3-4 (second paring) defenseman and 2 guys that can log minutes on the 3rd pairing..

Hawks have plenty of cap space to do it too...... Blowing half of it on a long-term deal for Tavares just isn't responsible when that money can be used now to improve the defense. Not only that but down the road DeBrincat and Schmaltz are going to need raises and we don't want to be in cap hell again....And let's not forget the Hawks will be drafting a very good player with their top 5 or 10 pick this summer so whomever they're taking will need a raise.

You have to consider multiple factors when signing a player.... Sure, that player may be a good fit now but later that player will be albatross.

Kovalchuck is good because he works into the Hawks short-term plans, the Hawks really need a goal scoring LW that can play with Kane and Schmaltz and I think Kovalchuk is an excellent candidate for that spot on a one-year deal. You cant bet Bowman will have interest in Panarin when he is a UFA in the summer of 2019, and a Panarin/Kane reunion would be best for the Hawks in the long run.... That's what I would love to see.... And make no mistake, Bowman signing Kovalchuk to a one-year deal at 6.5 or 7 per is a sign to Panarin that the Hawks are interested in bringing him back - and believe me Bowman would love to have him back... But the thing is if that doesn't work out? you just resign Kovalchuk.

Hey, JvR would fit really nice on LW with Schmaltz and Kane but he's going to want a long-term deal, and if the Hawks sign JvR - Panarin is totally out of the question.

But my point here in this is that you have to look past this season....... Signing guys that may work now to long-term deals is only asking for problems down the road.

Realistic targets for Bowman are:

James van Riemsdyk (if Bowman is certain Panarin won't pursue UFA status)
Wingles (he's a lock to be back).
Erick Johnson
John Carlson
John Moore
Trevor van Riemsdyk (RFA)
Luca Sibisa
Dan Hamhius
Thomas Hickey

Don't be shocked to see Bowman sign a few of those guys .

Bowman is really lucky. This is an excellent UFA class for depth defenseman and bottom 6 forwards and that's exactly what the Hawks need.</div></div>

I understand that they would be in cap hell for maybe one season even though the youngsters will need a raise in 2 years the cap as you can tell is skyrocketing from the expansion and new tv deal in Canada. But you can always trade that hefty contract of Seabs or do bridge deals. Tavares could easily play for the hawks and make a Malkin and Crosby esq team. Since Tavares knows how to create offense on his own, unlike Toewes. You can put Toews and Kane back together on a line with Sadd and pair the youngsters Schmaltz and Debrincat with him.

-Kovalchuk has been out of the league for a couple of years and will get close to Dadonov numbers 4-6 million. But since Dadonov put up 66 points in 53 games compared to Kovalchuck's 78 points in 60 games. Dadonov currently has 41 points in 52 games. So if someone tries to pay him more than 6 million plus you let him walk.
-James van Riemsdyk, like Bozak, won't hit the open market if Toronto is smart. Yes, they have young guys they would like to develop but having your 5th best offensive point getter walk doesn't seem reasonable. Let Komarov walk and use the leftover cash to sign these two to pay raises.
-Vermette is 36 and is slowing down majorly. I see him being what Sharp is this year but worse offensive production+ faceoffs.
-Bozak is at best a 3rd line center that is only getting offensive production because of the players around him at Toronto. Don't see him fitting at especially if he is getting at least 3.5 million, he won't hit the market because Toronto is not very deep at center. (Matthews-Kadri-Bozak-Plecks(who won't be there in 18)-Moore(won't be there in 18). So like the hawks they won't be wanting to lose a decent centerman because they are cheap.
-Wingles, yes I would like to see him back because he has so much potential. The reason he didn't do so well in Chicago was Q and the way he used him, he used him as a 4th line hitting energy line.
-Erick Johnson- If the Hawks can get him at a discounted price it would be nice but I don't see him taking a huge pay cut especially because he knows his value to the Avs. The only turn off I have with Erick is he is very injury prone beside that his price might be too high. Much rather try and get Carlson.
-John Carlson is a top 2 dman just like Tavares if he hits the open market every team will want to try and lure. But if the Caps want to get Ovi a cup they are going to keep him with every last breath.
-John Moore is an interesting piece I would love the Hawks to go after but if you use the money like I did you much have two lines that can dominate any team they match up against. Plus Moore is a 2nd pairing guy that I can see being used wrongly just like Connor Murphy.
-TvR I just don't think you will see the Hawks give up assets to bring back "familiar players" Id rather have Jokiharju than TVR who is a 3rd pairing guy on a good team.
-Luca Sibisa, If the Hawks want to continue tanking I think this would be a great addition to the team, an overpaid 2nd pairing guy that throws the body. Which really should be a 3rd pairing guy, horrible signing if they even try.
-Dan Hamhius, Now this is one of the signings I would agree on a veteran leader that can actually play 2nd pairing defense. Excellent Defensive zone player just what the Hawks need.
-Thomas Hickey, just like Sibisa wouldn't like it unless he is underpaid and plays 3rd pairing.

The defense is only going to get better with only two guys over the age of 32. Experience is huge right now for these younger guys. And Crawford is good enough to let his younger dman to make mistakes. If my situation happened you have to just let them develop and have Crow bail them out.

But thanks for actually giving some input besides... "That will never happen"