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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>You didn't read the 2nd part of what I said but I'll give you a little bit of wiggle room bc of your rage

Norris hasn't played over 70 games, has only had 1 60 games campaign and played 8 this past year, there's def. recency bias here in calling his contract an overpayment considering what you could get with that 8 mill... ADB, Stuzle, Thompson, Tkachuk, Suzuki all have similar contracts and are all so much better than Norris'...

Tarasenko also finds himself under the injury bug curse but is also 31... But he doesn't have that grit to him either than say a Max Domi, who's getting paid 3 mill or Tyler Bertuzzi, who's getting paid only .5 mill more. Though I do like that it's only a 1 year deal.

Korpisalo screams Jack Campbell 2.0. You've got a career backup who finally gets his stroke of luck by playing in front of a good defence when he gets the starting job but starts to falter near the end of his short crusade... But in FA, he signs with a team with lacklustre defence and who have a habit of overpaying goalies... Sound familiar?

Kubalik is average... reminds me of a less defensive Alex Kerfoot... If anything league average players shouldn't be getting paid 2.5 mill

While the Chychrun is a good one... it 1 doesn't out weigh the other bad contracts and 2 isn't 2-2.5 mill better... He also hasn't played 70 games in his career, isn't a number 1 defensemen and hasn't produced in the playoffs. He isn't near Morgan Rielly who's making 7.5 and is being called overpaid.</div></div>

Norris did not miss a game his rookie year (it was a shortened season) and then he missed the last season and a bit because of a shoulder injury. But he decided to get surgery so that won't be an issue anymore. People forget he was on pace for 44 goals and our best defensive forward at the same time. How much less do you want a guy like that making?

The sens don't need grit like the leafs do. Their captain lead the league in fighting majors and they had 3 guys over 100 pims whereas the leafs top guy besides bunting barely broke 50. I think we're covered in that department - we'll take the guy that had 82 points in 75 games a year ago.

With Korpisalo - last I checked columbus wasn't that good last year? idk maybe I'm wrong

How does Kubalik remind you of kerfoot at all? They are completely different players. Kubalik has more goals that Kerfoot in half the games played. Kubalik has scored 30, Kerfoot has never even broke 20? weird comparison. I'll pay guys 2.5 all day if they put up 20. You can do that when your top guys aren't greedy.

You say Chychrun isn't a number 1 defenceman but he sure produces like one. But that's okay, even if he's not, the good thing is Ottawa still has 2 other D who are even better. Keep saying Ottawa has lackluster defence though.
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