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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bsilk18</b></div><div>Lol he has now played 15 games this season with 2 goals and 1 assist which isnt great, but hes also a plus 1 and has moved the puck really well. He has also been much more physical. In the past 5 games, he has scored a goal, and moved the puck really well, and that just the parts of the games I have watched, apparently I missed a few good plays too. Im not saying he is a god or anything, but he is Nothing Less than a Solid top 6 dman. So Bruins will give him up for NO LESS than a 4th, likely a 3rd. (also damn you cant just make up "he's one of the worst defenders in the league in recent memory", because in the past 4 seasons hes put up 20 points per season (adj 80 games). So man are you wrong</div></div>

Sorry for not being on a lot. Well, basically I can say that. Points are correlated heavily with playing time over almost anything else. Rasmus Ristolainen plays a lot, gathers a lot of points and is still an abysmal player, constantly in the bottom 20 or so out of the usual 300+ to play for a 3 season moving average WAR ranking. John Moore, Cody Ceci and Tyler Myers are some of the other names constantly on that list. They have in common that they all "look good" to a lot of people. Watch Moore exclusively on any shift and things will start to break down. If it's not him directly, it's that he forces compensatory plays from his teammates. He's defensively atrocious, anyone would gather a few points playing 20 games for the Bruins.

If you can't criticize some of your players, think about what that means. Cause what on basically saying is that whoever's carrying Moore's ass on the ice probably gets too little credit for the total outcome. Sabres fans tried to tell me about Bogosian's resurrection last year until I pointed out that theres a set value for him and Dahlin as a pairing, and any value they add to Bogo they by default detract from Dahlin. There are bad players on the Bruins, Moore is one of the worst.