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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ForsbergForVezina</b></div><div>If Hunt keeps up his scoring (long shot, but possible) I could see MTL being interested, they’re always looking for an LHD for the power play. Not very nuanced, but they have been rumored to be browsing the market. Dubnyk I think you move ASAP while his value is still high. He’s off to a bad start this year, but I’m sure he can get his numbers up. For Koivu, look for a team needing centers. Malkin and Bjugstad are gone right now, but they’ll be back and then Pittsburgh will be lethal down the middle again. Unless he’s dead set on retiring a member of the Wild, he should be a hot commodity around the trade deadline for his intangibles, if nothing else.

Regarding Parise, Fenton supposedly had a deal to move him over the summer that would’ve been bad for Minnesota that obviously went nowhere

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Any idea what that may have been?</div></div>

Montreal is probably always looking, but have at least 4 NHL lhd under contract atm. Agree on Dubnyk, by any expected goals numbers he looks incredibly poor and is probably very overrated due to a good Wild defense. I don't think Pittsburgh mind sticking Bjugstad on the wing come playoff time and free Crosby up from some defensive duties, but it's obviously one of many options. Otherwise agree, might be hard to move him regardless even though he's a defensive beast still.

I do think Parise can be traded for someone a) worse but with shorter term, or b) worse but with a lower cap hit. So Backes would be an a-guy and say Jack Johnson a b-guy.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>this trade kind of intrigues me as a bruins fan until i look at his contract and im like haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard pass. backes ends next year. less productive sure but i dont want to know what parise has left in the tank at 38,39,40 years old...</div></div>

The last answer includes you as well I suppose. I sort of agree, but Parise over Backes could've meant a cup last year and can very well do the same this year. He's still a really good player and honestly worth his money if not almost at least. Backes is a dead 6m for two years when we (I'm a Bruins fan too) at our best and competing. When the Backes contract has expired there's a lot of other questions/holes on the roster
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