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Forum: Armchair-GMMar 5 at 4:11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>Matthews and Marner were statistically better than Draisaitl in their contract years. That's not hypocrisy. My original point was that the Draisaitl contract set a standard on giving RFA's large raises based on expected performance.

Even though Toronto paid a lot for their guys they're still a competitive team. The "Leaf Model" would be not paying 3-6 million on guys that are just going to take up space like Chairelli did. Your own ACGM banks on clearing 12 million in cap space and exchanging it for LITR players (GEE I WONDER WHAT TEAM IS DOING THAT?!?). Toronto has done a much better job in managing their cap space than the Oilers despite their setbacks.</div></div>

Are you kidding me? Large raises for expected performance has been a thing for a LONG time. Let's not pretend PC was the first to do that.
Some of them fail (like your leafs), some of them work out.

If your idea of "competitive" is simply being good in the regular season, then I've got news for you. That craphole team is so unbelievably bare on D, that when the goalie doesnt bail you out every night or if the forwards can't outscore the team's mistakes you lose! Ever wonder why its been 50+ years since you had anything? It's cause you think your poop don't stink when in fact, it stinks just like everyone else's.

The laffs boast one of the best, if not the best quartet of forwards in the game, yet they are simply mediocre as a team: great regular season, zero postseason success.
Playing an extra week and a half before joining the rest of us in the golf course doesnt mean strutting in all high and mighty is all of a sudden justifiable.

And as for the reasoning behind this, your Laffs gave me the idea!
Did you want to tell me when Horton is going to suit up for the team this year?
There's also the fact that I didn't know insurance actually pays and not the team, figured that cash short teams like OTT would much rather pay a player on the ice than on the mend.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>ah yes paying over 10 million for guaranteed elite players is a gamble. sorry all our players were actually worth the money when they went to negotiate, sometimes that just happens and you don't have the space to sign mikko kosknien, kris russell and milan lucic.

chai made more bad moves than good. edmonton would've been a much better place.

man, a whole two winning seasons with mcdavid on your team and suddenly oilers fans get really snippy.</div></div>

Lol at "guaranteed elite". The qualification of elite changes every year, which is exactly why deals like the Klefbom (not elite, but principle applies) and Draisaitl one were considered as gambles.
Same reason you paid Glassman Matthews, Mickey Mouse Marner, and Willie Nillie more than what they were worth.

You're telling me the logic behind them was off?
You called Draisaitl a "less than ppg player" when he got paid and deemed it a "bonehead" move.
Yet signing oft-injured, playoff-invisible, also less than ppg guy Matthews as a genius move because he's supposedly "guaranteed elite"?

There was only ever 1 guy who was "guaranteed elite" and that was pajama boy as he is a proven commodity.
One might argue Marner as a close second, but really shouldn't have been much more than Draisaitl money.

Funny thing is, you guys got caught up in the "Matthews is better than McDavid" nonsense that you failed to see him for what he actually is: a prolific goal scorer, but is lacking as a playmaker and is not a game breaker every shift he's on. Matthews makes the highlight reel goal, maybe 35 of his 50 in a year will be highlight worthy. But for the rest of the games he doesn't really get you much else. Good two way game, but that's about it.
Then you paid him like he poops gold.
Then you put the dude who was actually piling up the points for you (Marner) on the backburner and tried to sign him for less.. which he understandably said "go pound sand".

If they signed Marner first, gave him 9M noone would be joking about it.
But you waited until two less proven players (one of which is supposedly much more elite, almost Godlike in your eyes really) got OVERpaid!
Then circle back to the one putting up the tangible numbers and said "Hey we kinda overpaid on Willie and Glassy, would you take a huge discount the other two didn't?"

The bonehead overpays didnt start with PC. It started when your "whiz kid" GM got his priorities wrong, so you had no choice but to overpay them all lol.
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Forum: Armchair-GMAug 28, 2019 at 5:23
Poor decision making from ownership and management really sewered the team for more than a decade. A fanboy turned owner who hired his childhood heroes and let them run the franchise into the ground, plus his stubborn refusal to admit that great players dont translate into great executives derailed what could have been. There is light ahead of the tunnel with the Old Boys Club mostly gone, the abomination that was Peter Chiarelli slain, and one of the greatest team builders now at the helm. He has a mammoth task ahead of him, but judging by his moves I'm happy he isnt a "jump the gun" type of GM overpaying here NMC/NMT there.. patience is the key though it is mostly in short supply with the fanbase. Very tricky to navigate.

1. Yes. Talent with Talent. They are deadly on the ice together and have fantastic chemistry. One unsung part of sports management is to keep your core players happy so keeping this dynamic duo together is just as important as anything in my opinion. Besides, you have Nuge to run the 2nd line anyway and he's fine as long as he has decent wingers. Only due to the Oilers lack of depth are we even talking about having all three as centermen and hoping for the best.

2. He is, but he shouldnt be. Him and Klefbom make a good SECOND pair in the NHL. Oilers bad depth and lack of true 1st pairing D (Cmon Nurse and Bouchard..) force these two to play outside their recommended usage. Klef now gets injured and Adam has too much on his plate. If both of these guys play no more than 20 minutes a night, it would benefit both them and the team. Less is more.

3. He's a budding talent we would be stupid to get rid of. He needs to learn to play defense and has been improving throughout his career. Looking like he could potentially be that 23+ minute shutdown D that can chip in points here and there. Just needs to reel it in instead of leaving his D partner high and dry for the big hit. Needs a partner who can move the puck as that is not his game. Could form a potential 1st pairing with Bouchard with the way both their trajectories are pointing.
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Forum: Armchair-GMAug 13, 2019 at 4:40
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>So Dubas shouldn't have signed Matthews to a bonus-laden contract because it turned out bad with Lucic? That's a silly argument. Each player contract should be judged on it's own merits.</div></div>

When you talk about that tier of player ($3-5M range) the chances of them failing are bigger than what a top tier player would be. If McDavid was paid $12,499,999 signing bonus every July 1 and only gets paid $1 over the year it wouldnt be an issue because he's the top player in the league. IF he were to be injured and does NOT come back to form, best player or not that contract becomes a liability plain and simple.

You're stretching here, Chiarelli. If Matthews ends up being a 70pt player his entire career because of injuries (he's already shown he's a bit prone), then that would be one of the worst contracts in the league.
Right now looks good, the team has no safety net if things go south a la Lucic.

Lucic's 1st year was pretty great. Nobody complained about his $6M cap hit. Nobody talked about him taking a piss in years 2 and 3. Everybody though talked about years 5 - 7 and how that contract looks and everyone pretty much said Chiarelli messed up (more on term, than on AAV) since that contract is extremely tough to buy out.

All about balancing safety net between player and team. Zucarello is a prime example of a huge mistake in the next few years. Watch.

Say we did get Connelly, to compete with FLA offer, we wouldve had to pony up $4M AAV for 3 years and say a nice signing bonus as you suggested. Buyout proof contract all over again.
If he doesnt perform to that contract, the Oilers are now screwed out of 4M + 750 Lucic reten + 1.33M Pouliot buyout + 300k Gryba buyout + 2.5M Sekera buyout... missing out on a pretty good UFA market next year.

So you see handing out buyout proof contracts, big or small, just so you dont overpay as much to get players in Edmonton is exactly the move Holland SHOULDN'T make.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 13, 2019 at 2:58
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 13, 2019 at 11:35