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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SupremeBone</b></div><div>As a fellow Oilers fan, I ask that you rescind this entire post :halo Please.

1.) You give up 2 3rds to swap Kassian for McGinn, who isn't much better and also has an extra year on his contract.
2.) That Puljujarvi trade does nothing for me; you must have a LOT of faith in Appleton or think very little of Jesse.
3.) What about Appleton's play warrants 2.75mil?
4.) You repeat the Turris mistake by committing 1.75mil to a worn-out and fading Cody Eakin for 2 years.

Also, EDM won't get a 2nd for Barrie. Likely looking at a 3rd or a 4th.</div></div>

It was a bit tough to come to this conclusion for me, personally.

First off Kassian. Just doesn't seem to be the same player after smashing his head on the ice. Very wishy-washy, if he's on he's decent, when he's off he's completely invisible. McGinn just cause he's a decently hard worker on the ice. I think we're missing that on the bottom 6.

JP's underlying fancies indicate a phenomenal defensive player yet the eye-test especially in the playoffs left a lot to be desired.
Out there it was more Bambi-On-Ice than Forechecker-Supreme.
I love JP, but I'm afraid if we fall in love with the player or his stats rather than what we see on the ice, it's not gonna end well.
Further to this, I see a TON of ACGM's either simply offer-sheeting him or trading peanuts for him.
I don't think we can afford both Yamo AND JP long term either.

So I came to the conclusion that trading him away to fill needs (an actual bottom 6 guy instead of asking a top 6 type to do bottom 6 things like the whole Yakupov debacle) would be the best way forward.
I did, after considering your post heavily, think that I undervalued JP. This is a more than fair trade for JP all things considered (us losing).

Far as Appleton's salary, I perceive him like Foegele. Decent checker, 10-ish goals, 20ish points. If 2.75M is the going rate, that's the going rate.

Onto Eakin, just need another good faceoff guy. That's really it. Could offer him less, but yeah.