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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Hockey fans often don't go beyond basic stats from but NHL teams do. They spent a lot on money on scouting and advanced stats departments.

Havery-Pinard scored 14 goals in just 34 games on a team lacking talent... Pinto scored 20 in 82 playing on the PP and with DeBrincat/Batherson? incredible. Yet, RHP signed TWO years at 1.1

Dellandrea actually scored more ES/PK points than Pinto from the bottom-6, signed at 0.9 AAV. Pinto should get TRIPLE that amount because he had PP opportunity and played with a bunch of first liners at ES?

Look at Morgan Forst, older a 46 pts... I could go on but I think what you're not understanding here is that Sens fans are not BLAMING Pinto... at least from what I read... or maybe on Twitter? But it's a cesspool of stupidity so who cares?

Don't worry, Dorion gets enough critic from Sens fans, even anger like you say. I personally have been saying for 3 years that he is the worst GM in the NHL. I'm one of his biggest critics. Not only he makes puzzling moves (like trading Gustavsson for Talbot) but he also often put himself in really bad situations like this one.

All I could here is tell other fans what the Ottawa Senators SHOULD or SHOULD not do. All of this is hypothetical and I have zero control over Dorion.

All we can hope is that he makes the "right moves". Signing Pinto to the cheapest 1 year bridge possible would go a long way and would go in his "good" column...</div></div>

The narrative has suddenly shifted from Pinto is a stud to he’s similar to Delleandra (4C or 13 F) or Harvey-Pinard (a 3rd liner with 38 games experience on one of the worst teams in the league) 🤔. Frost signed his 1 year deal coming off a 5 goal season 😕.
Pretty sure - before Dorion boxed himself in - we can go back and check what you (or at least majority of fellow SENs fans) wrote about Pinto and it would have been a different story 🤷🏻.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>csick</b></div><div>Do u think it’s better for ottawa to move a roster player with sweetener just to lose another potentially to injury?

Remember last year when the Sens moved Connor Brown because they didn’t want Formenton on line 4 and then they ended up losing Formenton . And then they lost Norris? Just with that went from great depth to horrible depth .

If Pinto stays out he can be signed if someone gets injured or he can take the minimum</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>People don't see that (lack of experience following the NHL maybe?) but there's actually no rush to sign Pinto. He's not VITAL to the team (I'd try Jarventie in the meantime!) and Brady, the captain, missed the whole training cap and the first 3 games (they won 2 of them) 2 seasons ago...

Might have to trade Kubalik or Brannstrom but gotta wait to see what happens with injuries, and not just on the Sens, injuries around the league will impact the market.</div></div>

Honestly not trying to pick a fight; we’ll save that for regular season - #goLeafsgo - but in this particular situation… from a distance I don’t see anyone at fault here other than Dorion. Pinto is a key young player (not as good as Stutzle or Sanderson) but an important young player that can play a valuable position (3C). Dorion found money for everyone else including questionable FAs &amp; trades (why accept Kubalik back in that trade?) but now that he needs to sign Pinto - he wants the kid to take a haircut 🤯? If I were Pinto &amp; his team, I’d see this for exactly what it is - I’m being asked to sacrifice (&amp; live with risk of injury) because my GM prioritied EVERYONE ELSE over me.
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