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Thread: Penguins TDL
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Imagine874859</b></div><div>I think if the right value comes for Barby he could be moved. I also agree with what your saying. I have been seeing Miller to pens trades recently and he's been pretty cheap and I didnt know why so thanks for clearing that up. I think trading Dumo once were fully healthy makes a lot of sense. Ty Smith has been pretty good and has looked better than Dumo. He reminds me of Letang a lot. Kapanen has to go of course. Maybe we trade Dumo to any team that we can get a late round pick out of and trade Kapanen, 2nd, prospect for JVR? I think hed be a realistic target for Hextall and JVR has been pretty good this year</div></div>

I hate to keep peeing in everyone's cheerios, but I think the likelihood of Dumo getting moved is VERY low. Not even because he's immovable, but players like him unfortunately have a low chance of being moved because of their history with their team. I'm not saying it won't happen, but I'd say it's one of the more unlikely things to happen.

Smith has been pretty good. I wouldn't compare him to Letang. He doesn't have the physical game, nor the defensive ability. I'm not sure who I can compare him to, but he doesn't have to be good in his own end. He just needs to learn to NOT be a liability, but he moves the puck well and helps generate offense.

JVR is just too expensive. The other things you mentioned would have to happen to make that room while having Philly retain 50%. Are these things all possible? Sure, I can never say never, but I just don't see them as likely unless Hextall gets canned tomorrow and they bring in an aggressive GM.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>There was an idea I saw earlier that I kind of liked the concept of. Someone proposed Jones for Bob, straight up. Other CHI fans hated it. But if CHI is ready to just move on and cut their losses with with the old CHI regimes mistakes, Bob's contract expires EXACTLY when CHI should hopefully start giving substantial extensions to RFA's and at the very same time there will be available UFA's that could be targets without Jones on the books. Plus, if Bob keeps playing bad, he keeps us low in the standings to keep getting high picks. I know Jones is a HUGE investment for CHI to just toss out the window, but, I think Jones window is now, not later when CHI is ready to compete again.

I think, especially if Jones gets back to playing at a high level, people would be screaming for our GM's head. But in the bigger picture, it almost makes sense. FLA is in no position to take on Jones contract though. Plus they would probably have to add a little something, which they can't afford to do and would be risky for them. So, even that doesn't work. None the less, FLA is in a better position to win within Jones window than CHI is. He needs to be on a good team. This tanking is just dragging him down. And I fear, if this goes on too long, he won't be able come back from it when games start to matter again.</div></div>

I think that's pretty sound logic, but I think you'd still be able to squeeze something out of FLA. Even if it's just a 2nd or a decent prospect, but yeah, I think that all makes sense.
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Thread: Penguins TDL
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