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Thread: The RW Pens
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Capitalfail67</b></div><div>Yeah I’m interested to see if the kessel trade is terrible or great. Idk how they replace the 40-50 points they lost but well see

Simon might have 10-15 points if he didn’t play with Sid. Crosby is a freak and could make an average guy look great. I believe Gentz is a 40 point guy without Crosby. That being said Crosby isn’t going anywhere so it hardly matters</div></div>

I will spoil it for you right now: The Kessel trade was terrible lol. Joseph is an OK prospect. Glachenyuk is Kessel with half the scoring ability. Kessel gets a pass for his poor defensive play because he's an elite offensive player, Galchenyuk will get no such pass from Sullivan and I won't be shocked to see him moved at the deadline.

On the last part, it's a very tricky thing playing Sid. I know you get to watch the Pens play a bit, but Sid isn't as easy of a hockey player to play with as a guy like Geno. While Sid has elevated players, players need to have a special kind of acumen to keep up with Sid. Playing with Sid you need to think the game very fast and be able to react fast, or be a player that opens up time and space for him. So yes, while I agree Jake is not a 40 goal scorer without Sid, not many players have been able to notch 40 goals while playing with Sid.

Not sure if you're a fancy stats guy, but if you really dig into Simon's stats you'd be very surprised. He played mainly with Hornqvist and Bjugstad in the latter part of the season and he was huge in creating scoring chances for that line.