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Forum: GM Game 2019-204 minutes ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>phillyjabroni</b></div><div>Some announcements and rule proposals. Once the voting on UFA and Offer Sheets is completed, trades should open up.

<strong>Unrestricted Free Agency</strong>
Point System (AAV * Term = Points) ----&gt; Weighted Point System &amp; Lottery

The weighted point system with the lottery will act as a way to provide realistic, exciting, and way to optimize the best offers. The offers will be the same - you submit 8M x 4 years for Alex Ovechkin - but instead of it being 32 points, the AAV and Term will be multiplied by a weight, which is determined based upon the other offers. Here is an example of six contracts for Alex Ovechkin (the points in parentheses are the values of the original point system, the offers are listed in most points in the new system).

$9.250 x 3 years (27.75 | 10.4922)
$8.250 x 3 years (24.75 | 10.2621)
$12.000 x 1 years (12.00 | 9.4063)
$7.500 x 3 years (22.50 | 9.2344)
$9.000 x 2 years (18.00 | 9.0313)
$8.000 x 4 years (32.00 | 8.8750)
$10.000 x 2 years (20.00 | 8.7500)

Average AAV: 9.14M
Average Term: 2.57 years
AAV Weight: 0.7188 (1 - (2.57 / 9.14))
Term Weight: 0.2813 (2.57 / 9.14)

The top-three offers would then be entered into a lottery draw - with their percentage of the total share of points equaling their chances of winning that player. Team A would have a 35% chance (10.4992 / 30.1605), Team B 34% chance, Team C 31% chance. The 5% and 10% bonus for home teams still apply in the initial calculations.

Negotiation Points:
Each team will have 7 “negotiation points” that can be allocated to their offers equal to the number of years of their offer. These points will be added to the final point total of the offer. For example, if my offer for Alex Ovechkin in the above scenario is 8M x 4 years, I can add up to 4 negotiation points to my offer. My total points above increases from 8.875 to 12.875. Teams can allocate their points as they wish, however, once they are used they are gone, regardless of if the player is awarded to that team. They can be spent on one player on a 7 year deal or multiple players as long as they do not exceed 7 points used. This element allows for some human aspects to teams - “more playing time, better lifestyle, etc.” during negotiations. Basically all aspects of IRL that we cannot be accounted for or influenced in our offers will be through negotiation points.

<strong>Offer Sheets</strong>
Starting in the offseason of 2022-23, we propose the introduction of Offer Sheets. Each team will have the opportunity to exclusively sign one RFA (similar to the one UFA extension), with all others being eligible to be offer-sheeted. We are still in the process of working out the timeline for how RFAs will happen, but we anticipate that they will occur after the playoffs and before the UFA period opens up. The owning - “home” - team will submit their offer for their players and all other teams - if they are able to provide compensation - will do the same as the players become available on the given day. Teams will not be able to offer multiple contracts with overlapping compensation.

We will use a point system similar to the one outlined above, but without the lottery. The home team offer and the best market offer (both of which are structured based on the point system), will be compared. If the market offer is 20% or greater in points, the home team will have an opportunity to match that offer. If they decline, they will be awarded compensation. If the market offer is not 20% or greater than the home team offer, there is no offer-sheet and the home team offer wins.

With this news and the knowledge of deals prematurely involving 2023 draft selections - which are not eligible to be traded until the conclusion of the 2021 Draft, we will allow a period prior to the opening of trades for teams to re-negotiate and confirm their deals before being officially posted.

<strong>For both the UFA and Offer Sheet proposals, we will need 70% (23 / 32) GMs for this to be approved. Please vote using this link:

<strong>Retired Players and Cap Implications</strong>
Players who are effectively retired or contracts of players who were bought out IRL, are no longer playing, and are still active contracts are no longer eligible to be counted towards the Cap Floor. They are eligible to be placed on LTIR, but cannot be used to reach the floor by either being on IR or in the lineup.

<strong>Scoring Lineup Requirements</strong>
Starting in 2021-22, teams will be required to ice a minimum of 18 active players in the NHL. Failure to achieve this will result in penalties to be determined - fine of draft picks, reduced lottery odds, etc. Some exceptions will be made (if a regular starter becomes injured and your team does not have players or cap space to make appropriate call ups, if you having 18 skaters would result in exceeding the cap ceiling, etc.) Tanking will not be accepted and scoring adjustments will be made as necessary.

<strong>Free Agency Bonus</strong>
Starting in 2021-22, any upcoming UFA who is acquired after the trade deadline cannot be exclusively resigned. The 5% bonus for players acquired after the deadline will remain, as well as the 10% for those before the deadline.

<strong>Future Considerations</strong>
Starting immediately, Future Considerations are no longer eligible to be synonymous with “nothing” or “the expectation of nothing”. Any deal involving Future Considerations here on out will be assumed to have some actual consideration in the future. If you want to make a deal that has the expectation of nothing returned, we suggest making a conditional pick with an unrealistic condition with no expectation of occurring (conditional 7th round pick conveys if Player XYZ scores 200 points in the 2021-22 season).

<strong>Clerical Details</strong>
We are in the process (again) of creating a “megasheet” that will have and streamline all contract information, trades, draft picks, etc. In the coming weeks, we will ask that teams input all their roster and reserves, with ALL details (retained salary, expire status, reserve deadlines, etc.). Our timeline is that after the draft, there will be a period where rosters will be frozen until this is completed. Once you have correctly and accurately entered your data, you will be eligible to resume trading with other GMs, participate in FA, and so on. This process will allow for the game to have a well documented and easily accessible database with all relevant information to teams, especially when GM turnover is frequent.

In addition, we will be identifying proper trade formats for this process. We do not have anything solidified yet, however, this is the necessary format until otherwise noted:

:trade partner team logo
Players (Full Names, properly spelled)
Draft Picks

:your team logo
Players [ Full Names, properly spelled ]
<em>Player Rights [ Full Names, properly spelled ] </em>
Draft pick [ Full Year (2021, 2022) | Round (1st, 2nd, 3rd) | Team Abbrv. (ARI, STL, NYR) ]

Charlie Coyle
<em>Brendan Brisson</em>
2021 1st QBC

Conor McDavid</div></div>

Pretty weird way to announce you acquired McDavid
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 3 at 11:15