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Forum: GM Game 2018-19Mon at 12:57 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Missouri</b></div><div>Woah woah! One strike? What the hell! Kovalchuk has 22 pts in 35 gms. Patrick has 15 in 40. Patrick is significantly younger but he also has lots of injuries.

Of course I was looking for a base. That wasn't my trade offer. Like jeez, this is why I never go out and approach people with deals. Cause people take it to heart or act like I just stabbed them with a ****ing knife.</div></div>

don't be stupid... and please don't cry about it either and try to turn me into the bad guy. . You can specify what your offer is if you're interested - nobody asked you to only throw up a base offer. I am trying to win. I don't have time to toy around with offers like that. If this makes you that upset and prevents you from making other offers then idk what to tell you. We've dealt together in the past. You know I'm a straight shooter. I don't play around with offering 35+-year-olds on 7-year deals for 20-year-olds. You know that. If you have a real offer message me on twitter or post it straight. But don't offer Kovalchuk for Patrick and then act shocked when I say no like it's some mind-blowing denial. The fact that you try to justify the trade by points only or that "Patrick has a lot of injuries" proves your ignorance. Kovi was scratched, played on the 4th line, and has already talked about wanting out of LA. I'd say the negatives are close to even but the upside is clearly on my side. I'm not acting as you stabbed me with a bleeping knife as you say. I'm simply nipping a worthless negotiation in the butt before it begins saving us both time - you're welcome.
Forum: GM Game 2018-19Nov 22, 2018 at 8:10