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Forum: Washington Capitals10 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>All_Knowing</b></div><div>Islanders getting Horvat really doesn't concern me. I still think they will miss the playoffs, despite this move. I am concerned about the growing rumors about Meier to the Devils.

I seriously think as of right now, Devils are not contenders. I know they are doing well in the standings, but I don't see them being built for the playoffs (I feel the same about the Kraken). Now if they get a guy like Meier, that does change slightly...</div></div>

I definitely see where you're coming from on the Devils and Kraken. The Devils don't have much playoff experience on the roster and I don't know if I trust their goaltending to keep playing up to this level, but Meier is certainly a threat if he goes to NJ (Bratt probably is gone though, I'd think). Kraken to me just need some stable goaltending. I love Grubie, but he's cooked, and perhaps someone in the goalie market can help them out. (Varlamov maybe if NYI wants to move salary?)

Right now, I think Washington is built well for playoff time and the amount of depth + playoff experience makes me think they can surprise someone in the first round, they just need to get to the dance first. With BUF having the 3rd toughest schedule from here on out, FLA dealing with inconsistent goaltending, and NYI still seeming to be more of a two gun team on offense, I think WSH will just have to deal with PIT from behind to get into the playoffs. Hoping the All Star break can reset the team and give them a jump to try and get past NYR for 3rd in the division.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>All_Knowing</b></div><div>We really are missing Carlson. You can tell in pretty much every part of the game, especially on the PP. Having Gus at point limits Ovi to his office. With Carlson, the team could swap Ovi and Carlson to a) throw another look at the PK and b) give the team an option of a one-timer at the point or in the office (whether it is Carlson or Ovi).

Without Carlson, Ovi is glued either to his office (where he is taken away by a player) or down near the net, where he only has a chance for a hard-earned rebound goal.

I thought last night the team played well last night.

Defensively - Top to bottom, the guys played fine-ish. Started out rough, specifically Orlov and Jensen. But to me, it looked like Lavy split them up (Orlov with Feh and Jensen with Irwin...I think...). Thought Irwin played his "best" game in recent memory, but I still think the Caps need an upgrade there.

Offensively - I thought the team played pretty solid actually - just couldn't buy one. Loved Sheary, Protas, and Eller's play. They were flying out there and really battling on the boards. We need more out of Kuzy. And although MoJo played fine (and has played fine in recent memory), we could use an upgrade over him.

Goaltending - Again, I thought Kuemper played okay. The 3rd goal HAS TO be stopped - it was a slick shot, but still, gotta be stopped.<strong> I personally would like to see more of Chuck</strong>. Nothing against Kuemper, who I think has played solid, but the team seems to play slightly different with Chuck in net.</div></div>

That beautiful moustache must be seen more by the league