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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MeetYourMakar</b></div><div>No troll, the way you're blind and deaf defending Kuz means we probably wont have a reasonable convo on this. one can hope tho.
They both got busted for using coke and it was not just missing a practice. you dont not qualify a young star(at the time) goalie over missing a practice. He got in trouble for braking team rules, doing drugs and obviously didnt listen. Kuz got in **** after his cup win suspension for being his running mate on nights out and doing coke. That means he is not a real leader and is just looking for people to drag down with him. Avs don't need that. As for being a quitter. Dude watch his shifts, he was always horrible defensively but now he just doesn't even try. His game fell off and he's asked for a few trades. A real character guy, plays like a pro through out and doesnt coast and pout until he gets traded.
excuse me while i make a PLD trade. /s</div></div>

1. Provide any sort of evidence beside your warped speculation that Samsonov and Kuznetsov were pounding coke and were suspended for such. Once again, neither have failed a drug test. All this “he runs for coke” and “he got samsonov into it” is not substantiated by a shred of tangible evidence.
2. Samsonov’s non-qualifying offer was more than a year after missing practice. It is laughably obvious that management felt he played poorly and there was a concern about his+Vanacek’s asks. It’s the same reason Vanacek was traded, performance not a far fetched claim of drug use. Also, Samsonov wasn’t even in the NHL when Washington won the cup.
3. I’d encourage you to follow your own advice and watch some of Kuznetsov’s games. I’ll use a game I was in person for as an example since it was one of his worst, the 5-2 win against the Isles. He made 3-4 dumb, dumb passes through the middle that harmed Washington, which was something he would do less frequently dating back to arriving in the US, but if you watch even those moments he doesn’t quit on the play, and had multiple moments down low in which he cut centering passes that could have resulted in Islander goals. His play this year was a mess, but that effort was far from that of a quitters.
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