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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 14 at 2:45 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LuckyMoneyPuck</b></div><div>without a doubt EDM has to figure out it's Campbell mess.
But he's not going to come back to PIT.
EDM much like the penguins, has to make other moves to make their Roster work. That's part of GMing.

As for Jarry, he's a 2x all star, who had an absolute garbage defense put in front of him all year.
At some point that just takes a toll. EK doesn't play D, Letang is spotty in the Dzone, the entire 3rd pairing was AHL level.
I mean you could put the best goalie in the history of the game back there, and he would not have performed well.
Situation matters.

As for Broberg, I don't view him as a prospect anymore. He's had 81 games at the NHL level and he's gonna be 23 years old.
He's a young player at this point.
The results aren't exactly thrilling. I think if he could have cracked more ice time this year he would have.
I think you are more likely to call Lavoie an actually prospect as they have only given him 7 games.

Either way, a team like NJ would give up Bahl and a 2nd for Jarry. There are like 3-4 teams looking for a goalie and there just aren't many to choose from.
You have to give to get. Believe me I know the penguins gave a lot which is why their prospect pool sucks too.
For what you want to give, you really aren't going to get much of value. That really isn't an option at this point.</div></div>

Campbell will be dealt with regardless whether it's a buyout, trade or dump. I like Jarry a lot but it depends on price of other goalie's, Gustavsson mainly who comes at a lower cap hit and younger age. We're going to need Broberg + Holloway next year for cost saving measures and the 2nd is expendable. I would be comfortable with doing 2nd + Akey + Savoie for Jarry if a player like Gustavsson costs too much (I do believe Jarry is much better than Gustavsson)
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