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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhyWait</b></div><div>I noticed that I said Moran above. I would have zero problem trading Ian Moran and a 1st to Vancouver for Miller.

I would see Miller and Trocheck as "or" options, not "and". They are both centers. People have been suggesting moving Malkin to wing for years,but centers tend to be centers. Also, your trade is not upgrading Zucker to Miller. It is giving FAR too much for a very good player. (I like Miller)

You can still sign Lyubushkin and still have Marino, 1st, etc, etc. Heck, trade Marino for an actual "winger" and then you still have the 1st, etc.
Trocheck, Lyubushkin, actual top-6 "winger", 1st, Kapanen, etc.

People (mostly Vancouver fans) have a singular focus of a Miller/Marino based deal for some reason. Pittsburgh fans have seen it so many times on here that recently they have started doing it too. Amazingly they are almost all the same overall packages, copy/paste much? Some Pensfansare also blinded by adesire to move Zucker. You've managed to bring back a worse contract than Zucker while also retaining on Zucker.

Miller, Poolman for Zucker (-$2.75), Hallander, Marino, 1st &lt;- While Miller is the best single piece of this deal, this is NOT a good deal for the Penguins overall. They are lesser after the trade than before.</div></div>

The difference between Malkin and Miller is that Miller also plays wing, Malkin doesn’t. Trocheck also plays wing too.
You can’t sign Lyubushkin and have Marino too because you do have to abide by the cap lol. Poolman’s contract isn’t bad lol it’s 2.3 million for a 3rd pair dman that can play 2nd pair for short periods of time. You can never have too many nhl capable dmen.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Damn man. Talk about a rebuild. Lol.

Has any team ever even made 4 offseason trades b4?? Let alone 4 somewhat major deals..?

Most likely they resign Letang to 3-5 years. And Geno to 2-3 years and make another run with Sid.

I would love for them to trade one of Dumoulin or Petterson though and resign Rakell for that 4M per. And love for MAF to come back and retire in PGH as well. I think that 2.5M per is more than fair too. Especially since he’ll be splitting time with Jarry and already got his bag.

I don’t think McGinn is going anywhere though. And I think E-Rod walks and gets paid and better opportunity elsewhere.

And I think Kappy and Heinen both get around 2.5M per in RFA. I could see Kappy getting traded though and one of OConnor, Puustinen, Zohorna, Poulin, Nylander gets a shot on that 3rd line.</div></div>

How would this be a rebuild? It’s practically the same team except an upgrade from Zucker to Miller on the 2LW. And it’s arguable to say all 4 are somewhat major. McGinn is a bottom 6 player. Maybe can say Dumo and petty trades are somewhat major. Only major trade I see is the Vancouver one.

If ERod gets more then good for him but I just don’t see it. He had a putrid second half production wise. Plus he says he really loves it here and wants to stay.

I can’t see Geno staying. He said he was joking when saying he was a rich guy. He will take the money elsewhere. Plus Trocheck is just a better fit honestly. This new ownership has no loyalty to these players. I think Letang would likely stay if he gets a 5 year deal around what he is making now.

I believe Nylander is waiver eligible now so I think they trade Kappy to give him a shot.