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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hockeyfanatic05</b></div><div>And you made the point he's not overrated, kinda on you to prove he isn't. Youre all over the place man. They got Gud because JR wanted a tougher more physical team. That was his job, and if he did more then thats great. And you talked about amazing training camp. Thats exactly what I said. Why not hold off and see what they can do in training camp, and go from there. Yes they like to keep players in their correct position, but they also aren't afraid to change it up like that did putting Marino with Letang. Why trade for a guy when there are options internally that could work out just as well?</div></div>

Gudbranson was traded for cause they needed a 3rd right handed d and they wanted to get rid of Pearson as he just didn’t work out. It was another buy low/sell low deal that worked out brilliantly. Like you said, we had Jj to make the pens a tougher more physical team.
Because the pens are trying to stay a cup contender. A cup contender doesn’t go into a year unprepared hoping for young players to step up from the start. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes it’s cause it’s out of necessity. If none of them pan out next year, we just lost 2 trade chips. And what happens when Letang gets his typical longer term injury next year cause he’s another year older amongst the others that always get hurt. Now we have no depth.
And why can’t we make this buy low/ sell low trade then trade Schultz for more longer term pieces? This trade gives the pens the ability to not have to shelter a 3rd pairing cause you’re sticking an unproven rookie with JJ, gives them depth for the usual injuries, allows them to get long term assets to help for now and the future for two impending free agents that the pens have no cap room or intentions of re-signing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Ultimate_Pielord</b></div><div>Risto's overrated, I went into this.

Tbh Galch is pretty overrated too. The argument with hims was always that playing him at centre could bring back some of his early-career success, including his 14.7 GAR year in 15-16, but since that year he's now in his 4th straight sub-replacement seasons in 3 different organizations. Tocchet was a coach of the year candidate last year and Galch still put up a putrid -3.2 GAR with the Coyotes. Sucks to say, but Galch is pretty much done at this point, and his rep as an underrated and incorrectly used player is pretty much the only reason he's still in the league.

At 5v5 ZAR is pretty clearly the best player in this deal. Even after accounting for Risto's PP excellence and terrific penalty differential, ZAR might still have the edge, especially after an 18-19 season in which he drove play very well in limited usage. This entire thread and argument is over a trade where the best 5v5 player is Zach Aston-Reese.

There's something wrong with us.</div></div>

I agree with that last sentence 100% 😂.
But my whole point is basically, this is a buy low/sell low type of trade.
I mean look at the Pearson for Gudbranson trade last year. Everyone said Gudbranson was an absolute dumpster fire and keeping an overrated Pearson who was always invisible was better. Then Guddy comes here and plays extremely well. He was overpaid for sure, but still played well for the pens. And ended up making it a win for the pens. And Pearson has been solid for Vancouver.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hockeyfanatic05</b></div><div>Yet you've not given one reason how he's not overrated. The guy is an offensive dman with 9 points. Thats his job. Score points. He's currently getting outproduced by John Marino. John Marino moves up and replaces Schults. Dumo, Letang, Pettersson, Marino, JJ. Last spot can be battled in the offseason between JOP, Rikkola, and Addison. If neither of them work out, find a cheap 3rd pairing dman, like they just did this year. Zero reason to trade for a guy with a 5.4 cap hit when there are cheaper options that are getting better every year. Everything you said is wrong. Look at Petterson last year. Look at Marino this year.</div></div>

You’re the one that made the claim he is overrated. Kinda on you to prove he is. The guy isn’t an offensive defenseman. He is a two way defenseman. He has more defensive zone starts than offensive zone starts every year. They don’t typically put offensive defensemen (like Schultz who gets over 55% offensive zone starts every year) in defensive zone starts that often. Like I said JOP not Addison have a proven track record. The pens go with guys that are at least somewhat proven. If that wasn’t the case, they’d have never gotten Gudbranson. Marino wouldn’t be up here and wasn’t thought to be up here to take Guddys spot without an amazing training camp and preseason. And 2/3 of the options you said are left handed. The pens don’t like putting players on their off hand on defense cause they tend to be dumpster fires. Especially Jj.
Nothing I’ve said has been proven wrong. Everything you’ve said actually has been proven wrong. You keep claiming that a guy that gets the majority of his starts in the defensive zone is somehow an offensive defenseman.
Exactly...look at petterson. That trade was exactly what this trade is. A buy low/sell low trade. Trading a forward that didn’t fit in here for a defenseman that didn’t fit in there with similar cap hits. Look how brilliantly that turned out for the pens. Exactly why this makes sense. Thanks for proving my point 👍