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May 29, 2018
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Thread: Dubas
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EnKay29</b></div><div>Idk what youre reading but I gave Bunting 1 million. Suter makes 3 million, that combined 4 not 4.5. That is 500k more than kerfoot alone. I agree Bunting is not a top line player. However, the leafs cannot afford to pay a top line player to line up next AM and MM like a landeskog. Bunting put up really good counting and possession stats in his short stint in the NHL and has been a prominent player in the AHL. This is similar to what Marchessault did before he broke out in Florida. I belive they were both the same age and free agents when that happened. Plus, he is making 1 million dollars. That is nothing, you can put him in the minors and it doesnt go towards the cap so the leafs can actually afford that. It is a worth while gamble in case he can maintain what he did in his short stint last season and plays well next to the the star players, then you get a solid player for 1 million on the dot. For Suter, yeah he has played 1 year in the nhl but he was better than kerfoot. Plus, how would he be exposed playing further down the lineup on a better team? If anything you think he would do better going up against worst competition. Cap space is valuable, youre right. Bunting is a flyer that cost nothing who you hope can play well enough where he doesnt slow down the stars and you get a kerfoot replacement cheaper and better. I am failing to see how this doesnt make sense if anything they will get more money in free agency</div></div>

Suter had more points than Kerfoot but to say he was better is ridiculous. This is just the typical everyone is better from a different team let's go crazy and throw money around.
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Thread: Dubas
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Thread: Dubas