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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KMMHL2012</b></div><div>by your logic Kane and Toews showed they can help a team to tank too, therefore they're really bad right now.

losing your best goalie and your best defenseman, then getting the most man games lost in the NHL made for a perfect storm of garbage last season, so gauging a players capability based on that is ridiculous, and even at that, Dadonov wasn't with Montreal.... and Drouin still put up 20 points in 34 games, a 50 point pace on said dumpster fire team.

Dadonov up until last season, was still a 45 point depth forward, with playmaking ability, and at $2.5M with salary retention is likely a better contract or option than most teams have at that same salary.

Same applies to Drouin (though risk with mental issues are present).

I never mentioned Hoffman, he was a disaster before being signed, demonstrated in Florida that he was one dimensional and needed a team to carry him.

The question isn't "are they first line players" or "are they worth $5M"... the question is "can they make a team better respective to fitting them under a tight cap".... and with salary retention, on Dadonov and Drouin, the answer is most likely a yes, you're almost acting like they're 12 point guys through a regular season, and again, at $2.5M what would you expect, Foegele? Namestnikov? Engvall? Dickinson? arguably all worse at similar cap hits.

Edit: Jfresh war% for Dadonov last season was 77%, with his defence being at a career high.</div></div>

Drouin is dog****, he’s been bad the last 5 years, no matter his PPG. Teams rather have guys like Hagel Lehkonen Foegele Goodrow Coleman then some guys like Hoffman Drouin Dadonov

They are not what you are looking for to go deep in a playoff run

Dadonov might bring something half retained but no one wants Hoffman and his contract

Drouin just isn’t made for the playoffs
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