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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LeafsFanForSomeReason</b></div><div><strong>Is Tenet really good then?</strong> I've heard/read mixed reviews. Tried to watch it late the other night but quit after 15 minutes or so - once they started with the backwards bullet sh*t. I was too tired for another 2 hours. Might have to try again at some point.</div></div>

It's not merely "really good." Tenet is a freaking masterpiece. Yes, it's ridiculously calculus-level complicated, but according to the rules of the film (I.E. the rules that the film applies to its world), it lines up-I actually sat down with a pen and paper for about an hour after I saw it for the first time and wrote out all my questions/problems, and then thought about how the film answered them. And it answered every single one. Christopher Nolan is a freaking genius.

You'll definitely have to be wide awake to understand it-it's not a before-you-go-to-sleep watch, you'll have to focus throughout the film (seriously, it's like watching a 2 hour 30 minute logic puzzle, in a way), but holy smokes it's worth it. I've seen it 4 times at this point. It's just amazing. Highly recommended-but it really depends on what you seek out of your movies, the reason why so many didn't like it is because they want, simple, mindless action that doesn't exercise the mind or emotion. But if you want to see something that (unless Nolan somehow tops himself) there will never be anything like again, I can't recommend Tenet enough. (Just a word of advice: turn on the subtitles. It's very hard to follow otherwise.)

(BTW, the timing of this is somewhat funny-I hadn't watched anything new in a while, but yesterday I watched Casino Royale (2006), a.k.a. Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond, for the first time and wow what a pleasant surprise. Thrilling tension, emotional drama, and edge-of-your-seat scenes, with witty, clever dialogue and terrific cinematography. Might even be better than Skyfall (2012). Excellent film-just not nearly as good as Tenet. :))

And if you do wind up watching Tenet, please LMK how it was!
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