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Thread: Deadline
Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago
Thread: Deadline
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>beantownboy17</b></div><div>Zack Hyman at 27 (Debrusk's current age) scored 21 goals. That was playing with Tavares. The same year DeBrusk scored 27 goals playing with David Krejci at age 22. Now I love Krejci but Tavares is a better C.

If we take the 3 years leading up to this season for DeBrusk and the 3 season prior to Hyman coming to the Oilers (wiping out the covid season for Hyman), Hyman averaged 0.28g/gm or 17g/season. DeBrusk averaged 0.325g/gp or 21.6g/season. If you compare that to the last 3 season where Hyman has been playing with McDavid, he's averaged 0.49g/gp, good for an extra 17 goals per season. If you're telling me you don't want DeBrusk who is younger and arguably more talented than Hyman knowing he would likely score about 0.57g/gp which means he'd average over 40 goals per season for the next 4 or 5 seasons.

Now I didn't do well in statistics in high school but you wouldn't give up a fringe NHLer and a late first for what would likely be the best pure winger McDavid has ever played with? Thats just dumb.</div></div>

This is sorta why stats only get you so far when evaluating a player, you gotta watch the games to know the full picture.

Hyman's play style is what makes him such a perfect winger for McD, not to say Debrusk couldnt flurish but expecting the same bump is insanely wishful thinking.
I'm not sure what Debrusk goes for rn, but if Boston cant sign him and he wants to go to his home team we can wait for the offseason and not spend 2 valuable assets to get him.

I'm also not seeing the reason why Boston wants to move him, even if he leaves at the end of the year.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>It does, I'm not sure if St. Louis would move Sunny but it's alot better on the track of what I personally believe they'd be looking for.

I understand that he was behind both Nurse and Ekholm, <strong>but I think you can understand the sentiment of not trusting many if any of Edmonton's prospects given the recent past.</strong> I believe Broberg is an NHL defenseman to a degree, but I think it's hard to imagine him being an impactful top 4 defenseman. A player in a similar situation in Kravstov last season was traded for a 7th and a contract. He's just played enough games at the NHL level it's hard not to see the immense risk that he probably isn't anything more than a bottom pairing guy.</div></div>

Most of that bolded sentiment comes due to our 2021 draft where we moved back from Wallstedt to XB, who isn't panning out well enough to justify that move.
Otherwise we have done well:
Our 5 most recent drafts we got: Bouchard, Broberg, Holloway, Schaefer in the first.
Bouchard and Holloway are both doing well in the NHL, Holloway obvs doesnt have great stats to support that but he fits a role we need.
In the second we got: Mcleod, Rodrigue, Lavoie, Savioe and Akey; 3 of which look like easy NHL players and 1 (Lavoie) is a decent 13th forward.
We also were a competitive team throughout that, so our picks have generally been later (though yes, Broberg was #8), altogether we have been fairly solid drafting given our position.
That is besides the point though so TLDR: We have done alright in recent drafts.

Broberg is still a great Dman who showed he is good at the NHL level in the little time he's been up with us, his situation is just unfortunate for him because we traded for a much better LHD to fill our top four who took his spot.
On a team where he could get ~18 mins a night he could flurish, which is why Holland is having such a difficult time letting him go.
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