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Oct 5, 2020
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I was once mistaken for Ryan Ellis in a Kentucky liquor store
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 22 at 1:57

Very high boot licking quotient. Cringe. 😬

This almost feels like a propaganda piece of old boys culture and mostly ignores epistemology which really is the center of the situation... everything else ancillary

For that reason most people here would outperform them overall, they'd struggle with the PR part and whatnot for sure, but the results would be = or better

Some points made here hold some water, definitely high pressure, and yeah people here are still way too combative and whatnot but this post is specious

The analytics point you tried to make is the worst part of this and really is insulting to the analytics movement, we've seen 100% how fraught the relationship is with NHL mgmt / analytics folks, I'm mutuals with most of them on twitter including most of the folks that have been hired and, y'know, often fired for- in one situation arguing against shea weber

Even Dubas isn't that analytically friendly, much less Julien Brisebois or further the likes of Bob Murray and there's an excellent article on medium breaking that down if you google: Kyle Dubas Is Not an Analytics GM, and His Failures Don’t Define the Movement


Vince Dunn just got Seattled and virtually noone in the mainstream realm was miffed you're trying to argue that NHL mgmt are analytically engaged? Wow. 😑

Alluding as well to the analytical resources available to most in ths public which really is in a very healthy place right now thanks to SKATR charts etc.

You're also boasting that these guys have more resources than others* 🙄 what would happen if a an average C****m user was given those resources 🤔

*in part why I brought up the licking of boots 😖

Do NHL GMs make proper use of those resources?

My draft projections since 2014 have outperformed NHL GMs by about 40%* and that's with only being able to view grainy 6 minute highlight reels of the likes of Thomas Chabot on youtube... what if I could've fully scouted him... would it get up to 60% or more? Hm. 🧐

*mostly due to NHLe which these guys still don't grasp

Drafting on NHLe alone outperforms them by like 20%

Further; what does it matter if you have a plethora of scouts at the games around the world but they rely on stuff like "compete level" and other archaic malarkey

Which results in the GM taking Lawson Crouse 11OA one of the best drafts of all time ahead of Barzal

Not to mention vastly overvaluing physicality too...

To suggest NHL gms aren't prone to subjective personally charged sentimental decisions is absurd and it seems to often be a surprisingly big factor

I am quite critical towards most users here but...

I trust that most would outperform them all told


Outperforming flawed mediocrity isn't hard

And some folks here would go above and beyond 🌟
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 21 at 7:27