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I am always one year ahead of the general public - so I get a lot of hate and no credit.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>I disagree. The troll culture is encouraged when people RESPOND in kind. They only have power when you give it to them. You at multiple occasions stoked the fire when you could have easily reported, ignored and carried on.

You have continuously thrown jabs in virtually every comment you've made in this thread involving Habs players, Habs management, Habs fans, etc towards what I assume is Habs fans and when someone fought you on it, you responded in kind. You are as much to blame as anyone in this thread my friend. If this thread is derailed, you certainly jumped on the train with them. I don't think its derailed by the way. Plenty of discussion to be had but choose how you respond to others more carefully. There was no need for a lot of what transpired.

The mods can't be in every thread at all times watching over everything. We need you, the posters to help police yourselves by reporting and not engaging in the extracurriculars. if you do, then don't be surprised when the person who reacts and actually crosses the line is dinged. Can't give infractions for having a bad take that you disagree with. I can if you insult that person though. Nothing in this thread started out as derailing until both of you brought it off the tracks, <em>together.</em></div></div>

Maybe there is a rule I am not aware of, but the comments that start it skirt them nicely, which is the whole point.
You know what it is far too late for this
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 1:01
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>:rolleyes

Having a different opinion than yours does not equal <strong>trolling</strong>. I think you seem to not understand that.

Also calling them out by literally saying something against the rules, is not validating anything. You got a strike for insulting someone because you didn't like their opinion. Don't act like I'm pulling something out of my rear end. You did this to yourself.

Lol I'm not pandering to anyone. Don't be sour my comment didn't reflect your belief. Its ok, we're allowed to think different things. There's nothing wrong with it.</div></div>

I think you mis understand what I was saying. Your comment was fine by me and was not the subject of my previous post.

I should have clarified that I was using the word you in the general sense, as in the moderation team, not you as in yourself. By allowing trolls to continue to exist and striking down any who tell them off you foster a certain environment that invites the trolling you (general usage) loudly attempt to discourage.

Clearly attempting to de-rail a conversation (trolling) is not having a difference of opinion. You should know better than most that I am aware of the line considering I straddle it so often.
So tell me, what does Tavares and his contract have to do with a thread about a re-building Sharks team exactly?

In terms of doing this to myself, I am well aware and am not at all upset I got one. I knew when I posted it I was likely to receive one and made peace with it. My point is that by ignoring the comments which spark those reactions you allow users who continually make them to fester until it becomes the culture of the website. Hence the 'pandering to an interesting crowd'. If you (general usage) cannot detect when someone is skirting the rules attempting to de-rail a conversation and go after the reactions to those people, what use is a mod team? <strong>In case you haven't yet realised, the trolls own this site.</strong>
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