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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>Hmm, let’s see:

ANA - In a rebuild.
ARI - Not officially in a rebuild, but the Stepan trade makes it look like that’s the way they’re leaning.
BOS - They’re going for it this year, and I think that might be the last hurrah. They probably won’t go full rebuild mode right away, but more of a retool built around Pastrnak &amp; McAvoy.
BUF - Who the hell knows? They may or may not get out of their perpetual state of losing.
CGY - Could be a year away from a retool. If they get results this year then they stay the course.
CAR - They’re a #1G away from being contenders. Once that happens they’ll locked in as a contender for awhile.
CHI - In a rebuild.
COL - Contenders
CBJ - They’re a playoff team, but their players keep wanting to leave. I think that unless CBJ can make a big move, they’re stuck in the middle for awhile.
DAL - They’re contenders for now, but I’m not sure if that will stay for the rest of the season. Either way they’ll probably have a few more years of trying to win.
DET - In a rebuild.
EDM - Slowly trying to build up a team around McDavid &amp; Draisaitl.
FLA - This team is weird. They could go into a rebuild, they could just continue to be mediocre. I have no idea what to think.
LAK - In a rebuild.
MIN - On the verge of a rebuild. Their team isn’t bad, but they aren’t good either and a few players are starting to age.
MTL - On the way up.
NSH - They’re not good enough to win, but they also don’t have much talent coming up. If Poile stays, they’ll be in the middle for awhile.
NJD - They thought they were ready to be good a year ago, but that didn’t work. I’d say they’re back in a rebuild now.
NYI - Contenders
NYR - On the way up.
OTT - In a rebuild.
PHI - Contenders
PIT - Maybe contenders, but they could also fall off the map. However I don’t know if they’ll go into a rebuild as long as Jim Rutherford is there.
SJS - They’re trying to cling to being good. I guess they could become a bit better if they got a #1 goalie, but this seems like a team that wants to try to be mediocre, then rebuild a few years too late.
STL - They’re on the way down. They’ll try to keep winning for a few years, then go into a rebuild. (Like Dallas)
TBL - Contenders. At this rate of never having to make hard moves due to the cap, this team will probably win a few more cups.
TOR - In the middle. Contender status is in reach, but it’s Toronto, so you know it likely won’t happen. Not rebuilding anytime soon.
VAN - On the way up. Like Edmonton, they’ll be more free to ascend when their bad contracts end.
VGK - Contender
WSH - Maybe contenders, but they could also struggle. They’re won’t be any rebuild while Ovechkin is still in town.
WPG - They would be on the way up, but the Laine stuff complicates things. If they can get a similar player back in return, this team is looking good for the future.

So the next would be ARI if they’re not there already. Then it should be MIN or SJS, but I’m not sure if either management team will commit to that.</div></div>

CBJ and FLA are in danger of having good enough pieces with a poor build leading to a purgatory like what Buffalo has experienced these past few year. San Jose's cup run kinda felt like a last kick of the can at the time but they kept adding. They've got some worrying contracts, might be like Detroit these last few years running out some bad contracts and not really moving.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan 4 at 10:08