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Jun 15, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wildwinswhen</b></div><div>WTH. Can they really believe that? I mean he's a FA either at 3 years (KHL or NHL) or at 4 years if we can get him to sign it.</div></div>

On a 3 year contract he'll have been walked to UFA and we won't have the cap space necessary to re-sign him in 3 years as we'll still be dealing with the final year of the $14M in dead cap space. He'd be gone for nothing or we will be forced to trade him. Either way it's not ideal <em>or</em> beneficial to sign him for less than 4 years. It's a major loss on Guerin's end if he can't sign a single year of UFA on Kaprizov's next contract.

4 years gets us past the buyouts and a single UFA year where we will have more than enough money to throw at him to get him to re-sign. But it still might be tough to keep him at that rate. It isn't ideal, but it's <em>absolutely essential</em> that we sign him for 4 years at a <em>minimum</em>!

5 years gets us two UFA years and Guerin will have had two years past the buyouts in order to build up the team after the large cap hits come off. This is the most ideal outcome at this point.

The basic point is, if you can't sign him for longer than 4. You may as well tank, because losing that negotiation is bad... bad look by the GM. If Guerin refuses signing him for less than 4 and doesn't trade his rights, he more or less salvages face and reputation by not being bullied into a bad contract by a 24 year old kid who's played less then 82 games in the NHL.
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