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Thread: Offseason
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Thread: Offseason
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>Not gonna argue with you. I am just looking for teams with "distressed assets" and looking to make trades where possible. None of these trades is intended to be a home run for either team and that's the point. Everyone gets something and the players get a fresh start.</div></div>

You aren't looking at it from any other teams point of view except Montréal's.

1) Capital's moved Vrana and other assets to acquire Mantha, more or less at a high cost. Mantha has played well for them, even when not producing.

A cap dump and a 2nd is piss poor return for the guy. And the only thing of interest for Washington is that 2nd. It sure isn't Armia.

2) The only reason why Dumba is possibly on the move is because we'd be looking to keep Fiala and re-sign him longterm. But in order to do it we'd have to clear enough cap space to sign him and everyone else that needs a new contract.

Taking back any cap, no matter if it's retained or not would defeat the entire reason and purpose of moving Dumba in the first place. In short, it would have to be strictly for futures. Picks and prospects.

Gallagher makes this a no go from the get go.

3) Petry isn't getting close to that type of return, and at his age the chances of him bouncing back are less... not more. You probably have to pay to move him at this point. You're certainly not getting a good return for him.

4) The Arizona trade is the only one with the potential of happening due to them potentially wanting that contract to hit the cap floor.
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Thread: Blockbusters
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Thread: Blockbusters
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Knuckl3s</b></div><div>You're the first Wild fan who has come out and denied it, I'll wait for some more to follow suit. That said, I still hope you're right

Not saying he doesn't still have good value, but where the heck was he during the playoffs?</div></div>

I mean, it's not the first time I've done it and certainly won't be the last. But I have had to reply to these off-base rumors to other fanbases at least 5 times over the last month alone.

Whenever I do, they tend to get heavily liked by my fellow Wild fans here. That isn't to be taken as a statement of fact. Just as an acknowledgement that I certainly am not alone in my opinion or thought process on this one. Take that for what you will.

And you still haven't said where you heard it/read it, because until you do, I'll continue to remain skeptical about it.

As for the playoffs. 99% of the roster didn't show up for the playoffs, that isn't worth singling out Fiala for that. He was our most noticeable forward for the last two years in the playoffs, before this one. Against the Canucks in the 2020 play-in round and against Vegas last year. He's not always producing but he's noticeable.

He was our only real threat against Vancouver. Was our best forward on the ice against Vegas, but wasn't rewarded for his efforts. As Kaprizov was triple teamed throughout the series with Vegas.

This year, he looked like a guy who was trying to do to much, and had gone cold at the same time. It didn't help that Boldy struggled given it was his first taste of playoff hockey, which kinda meant that Fiala was alone for the most part on that line again. Then again he still managed 3 points in 6 games, all assists, two of which in spectacular fashion as they were primary assists on Kaprizov's PP goals in game 3.

Does Fiala deserve some criticism for not stepping up in this years playoffs? Absolutely. But let's not pretend there aren't some mitigating factors at play here too.
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Thread: Blockbusters
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Thread: Pain
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dutchies</b></div><div>I disagree. MIN does this in a heartbeat. You give up anything for a future Lidstrom, esp if they aren't asking for Boldy and Rossi.</div></div>

It's the value disparity and the pieces involved specifically that makes Minnesota turn it down. Not the fact it's Seider, who I agree is phenomenal and would love to get my hands on... but I recognize it would never happen anyway. But that's the point.

As much as I like Seider, his value is concurrently commensurate to Fiala's. They're basically a wash. Right now, specifically. Probably not in the future, or maybe even a year from now. But for now, it is. If we were to sit here and look at what Seider's value would be from a hypothetical standpoint if he were available, which again, he isn't.

So how is Detroit walking away with both Dumba and a high 2nd (40th ova) for Walman and a 4th? That is decidedly tilted in their favor, not Minnesota's. When Dumba carries the far, far, greater value between the two players and by strict pick value alone. Explain that to me? Because the Wild are losing that part of the trade, hands down... easily.

Seider is great, really, but how in hell is giving up a PPG 80+ point winger, a top 4 defenseman, and a 2nd for basically 1 player... even if it's Seider... worth it when the rest is simply quantity filler and not quality?

Furthermore, Walman does nothing for us when we already have Middleton to resign, who's better, and are fully stocked at LD already. Overflowing in point of fact. So aside from Seider, what exactly are we gaining from this?

Because it's seems like we're giving up far more than we gained. Cause all I see is the Wild giving up 3 great pieces and gaining just one.
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Thread: New 1 D
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>I have no clue what you're on about with this spreadsheet stuff. Kerfoot is the better player. He's the player with more value. He's younger. And Foligno is coming off a total outlier career year. And a weak playoff showing, to boot. And on top of all that, the Wild's weakness up the middle was just exposed.

They take that deal and run with it.</div></div>

Strange how Foligno was on a <em>career year</em> two seasons ago, then on another <em>career year</em> last year, and finally on one again <em>this</em> year. Furthermore, he's been amongst the best defensive forwards by analytics during that same timespan. This isn't a fluke. Foligno is better than Kerfoot, period.

At what point do people maybe start to understand that he's better then they give him credit for. And what's this about a weak playoffs? The man took a cheap ass knee on knee from Macdermid in the final regular season game against the Avs and <em>still</em> played through it for six more playoff games while playing at something like 60% health, and also took Kyrou to the cleaners on a big open ice hit which led to a scoring chance the other way in game three.

Aside from Kaprizov, The GREEF line was our best line of the series. It took Berube taking the ROR line off Kaprizov, which was ineffective anyway, and sticking them on the GREEF line to get the series back under control and in your favor. They stayed on them the entire rest of the series.
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Thread: Take 2
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Great lineup

Only thing here :

- Hope they just bury Del Zotto and Zaitsev in the AHL instead of paying assets to dump them. We have well enough cap space

- Would much much rather just buy out (cheap) Colin White rather than take a pure cap dump in Armia.

- Value for Fiala is fair, have to give to get. Need to have an extension in place (i.e. he wants to be part of the solution in Ottawa)

Big boom or bust prospect. He had a similar curve as Roopie Hintz last season. Doesn't mean he will end up as good but look what his coach said last year :

Troy Mann comments when he first got Jarventie in the AHL :

"<em>He has a high hockey IQ, tremendous shot, NHL release. He's certainly got some height to him and once he's able to fill out and get some proper off-ice conditioning in the summer and get stronger, I think he needs to work on his skating as well, he'll be a real good prospect</em>"

Ilves Head coach Jouko Myrra when he had him as a young 18 y/o :

<em>“He has one of the best shots in our team or even in the Finnish league,” he said. “We would be stupid if he doesn’t play power play.”

Roby’s size, speed, and knack for putting himself in scoring positions reminds Myrra of former Ilves player Roope Hintz, who’s coming off 19 goals in 60 games for the Dallas Stars last season.

“I hope that Roby Jarventie can challenge him after a couple of years,” laughed Myrra. “Roby has a little bit better touch than Roope Hintz.”

Myrra added: “He’s one of the most talented young Ilves players in 10 years.”</em>


Also this :


Not a bad comparison but Jarventie is 15 months younger, they had similar AHL stats</div></div>

I'm aware of that, but I tend to just use Beckman as the comparable because other Wild fans will understand what I'm referring to when I talk about Jarventie being a Boom or Bust candidate and what Jarventie's ceiling is.

A middle-six type who likely slots in on a team's 2nd or 3rd line, but has some interesting potential there to become more.

Aside from that their completely different players. But I'm not necessarily trying to relay that information right off the bat.
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Thread: Swiss Line
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>A bidding war on the contract or on the trade?

If they collect 31 extension offers, pick the best and go to Guerin and say they want to go there. Guerin will have hard time creating a bidding war on the trade.

If they say they will sign extension anywhere he is dealt, Guerin will have tons of great offers, but Fiala gets less $$.</div></div>

It's both. I'm not certain why they have to be separate in your eyes. It's not just an either/or scenario here.

Hypothetically, if Guerin has say 5 teams interested in Fiala, Fiala's agent is going to be talking to 5 different GM's. That's a good situation for Fiala's agent to be in.

If Fiala limits himself to just one destination, that GM has greater leverage in contract negotiations, and Fiala will potentially have to take less on his next deal. Which is less ideal for him.

If 3 out of the 5 teams are within the agent's asking price but differ on the total AAV but meet the agent and Fiala's criteria and are willing to sign with any of them Guerin can still select whichever one of the three that gives the best return.

Fiala ultimately doesn't decide where he gets to go. Guerin does. That hasn't changed. But by that same token, having more teams involved means Fiala is getting the best deal possible on his next contract with his next team even if it might not be the best one on offer. He still wins by getting more than if he limited himself to one team, and one team only.
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Thread: Swiss Line