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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>delneggs</b></div><div>Every single team in the league is interested in having JT Miller because he is a good player. It's a matter of cost to acquire him vs how long you can keep him. IF the Rangers made the reported offer at the TDL (and I say IF), it would have been for 2 playoff runs which is a lot more valuable than just 1. So, IF they made that offer then, they would make a LOWER offer now is all I am saying. It's only common sense. Without moving out a large contract such as Trouba or Kreider, there is ZERO chance the Rangers can offer Miller a new contract, and the Rangers aren't moving any of those guys in order to sign an aging Miller at north of $8m+/season for 7 or so years. Plus, they all have NMC's anyway, so there is no way to sign him. And let's be honest about why Canuck fans want to trade him....because they don't want to sign him to his next contract because its not going to age well and they know it. There is no chance the Rangers trade for Miller because the Canucks can get more for him from any team that can and will give him a new contract and it's just silly to think a team that can't sign him is going to give up a ton for 1 year of his services.</div></div>

I agree with you that the NYR would have to move money to sign JT long term, I also agree with you as to why most Vancouver fans doesn't want to sign him long term. With that said, it's not necessarily common sense that Miller will get a better return if he had been traded with two playoff runs as opposed to one, that MAY be determined by supply and demand. The NYR (and a fair amount of other teams) will not be unable to afford a player of Miller's caliber in FA so if they want a player of his caliber they will have to trade for one, likely with retention, and that is a very limited market.
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