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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>kster34</b></div><div>No I don’t think it is arrogant; as I said (and you may be the outlier) I think most of us watch games of the teams we support or highlights or sometimes playoffs (big games). But:
1/ I’ve seen bertuzzi play (probably eight times over past three years vs Leafs)
2/ we have access to stats and advanced metrics
3/ we have analysis from objective hockey experts
I use all of that when assessing players, and my assessment stays the same:
1: bertuzzi is not elite but he is a good top 6 winger
2: On the Leafs imo he’d be 6th best forward offensively and bottom half defensively
3: he wouldn’t play PP1 or PK
4: he’s a rental as I don’t see how we re-sign him next year, not without sacrificing other core pieces which I would not do (&amp; Matthews / Nylander / Sandin /Lilligren all due big raises year after)

For all those reasons I would not conduct the trade as outlined above if you don’t like my opinion, c’est la vie / you’re free to voice yours.
If you have time to watch 200-300 non wings + 82 wings games a year, let me know how I can get that gig 😅</div></div>

Most of who? So now you're speaking for other people on this site? Please. You admit you don't watch other teams. Full stop. Offering an opinion on players you don't watch is arrogant. Full stop. Also, which analytics and which opinions of experts are you referring to with your sad attempts at deflection? Am I supposed to be dumb enough not to realize that you implied something without actaul citing any real examples? As for having time to watch games try liking <em>hockey</em> and not just being an overzealous fan of your team. Oh and it helps if you've already put your kids through college and they're out of the house.