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May 8, 2018
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Yes no hard feelings but I would have hoped that you'd have recognized that you started the "fire" in post #15. I didn't say anything that was "offensive" to that point. That post #17 is still exactly how I wrote it initially. Sorry if I called out your reaction post #15, thought it was absolutely deserved. I know not everyone would agree, but damn I love retaliation :)

Best example I have is that one time downtown, 2 young guys (19-20 y/o) crossed the street forcing me to stop, I was like "hey what are you doing?" and one guy thought it was a good idea to call me names. I said oh yeah? I put my handbrake, got out of the car quick and started going after them, lol they started running their life away. It was hilarious. Nobody is perfect!</div></div>

Are you serious? This is so sad. What's next? Are you going to quote Pantera lyrics at me? Post #17 was edited by the Mod; it says it right on the post. You have now spent 5 days trying to convince me of what again? You dropped the original pretense of this argument almost immediately; that Brannstrom was better than the Wings Defensive prospects. You lecture me about reading comprehension but if you had actually read my entire original post you would have realized that since Yzerman simply doesn't use small defenseman, so in that context virtually all of their prospects are better. And even if it wasn't clear already; I think that Brannstrom is mostly a bust. And nothing you've said has changed that fact. You seem to want something from me but unfortunately you're not going to get it.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Look HypotheticalImpossibility post and look at yours. See the difference? One is an adult, the other is... well, you.

I asked a LEGITIMATE question, he answered without making stupid childish personal comments like "<em>I'm sorry I told you no. I can imagine how rough that must be for you</em>"

lol you're the posterboy as to why it's extremely difficult to communicate on the internet as you take it to a stupid EMO LEVEL right away.

Yes I then laughed at you, because frankly that's all there was to take away from your reply and now you just come up with more insults.

Oh and I just saw the end of that post that I initially skipped "<em>Doesn't change the fact that we have better prospects</em>"

Well, you can keep believing that but every "source" I have seen had the Sens pool over the Wings pool by a comfortable margin. I also have seen polls in NHL forums voting the Sens over the Wings, again pretty comfortably.

So what is it this time? Can't be hyperbole...

What am I defensive and upset about exactly? lol read my answer to the other adult (HypotheticalImpossibility). It was 100% rational. That's what I care about, talk about hockey rationally. I am not the one making it "emo"...

Wait... You're now playing the victim? hahahaha

Frankly, I knew it was coming before reading your answer. It's totally "your type". Throws a jab, gets demolished then cries to mommy as the victim.

I am not defensive. I am literally laughing at you.

I don't care about "winning" this argument. I have myself said that the Wings had 2 better D prospects than Brannstrom. If you think there's more, name them as I am still quite curious.</div></div>

Wow for someone who said he was done talking to me you sure have a lot to say. Obviously you are upset because you have dragged this on for days because you don't like the hyperbole I used. I impugned the source of the "evidence" that you used to support your argument and you called me stupid. How convenient that you get to use a source and then get to dismiss anyone who questions the source. You've gone on and on about me but your the one doing the name calling (this appears to be a pattern with you). Keep on being mature. Good luck with all that anger. You've convinced me of nothing except that you behave like a child.
Oh and just as an addendum Brannstrom does play the right side and he prefers it. Ottawa moved him to the left side last season.
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