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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>:nhl
Predictions from a rando on the top 16 - heres my take on these players. FEEL FREE TO DICUSS NOT HARD STUCK ON ANYTHING!

1 Juraj Slafkovsky TPS (SM Liiga Jr.) - Who I would select first overall. Slap in the AHL and let him cook.
2nd Line PWF, think he'll achieve that. Chance for best in class imo.

2 Shane Wright Kingston (OHL) - think he'll be a bonafide 2C, like a Cirelli (just a guy you need in your top6 to win).
2C 200ft player, I think he should also not be rushed into the NHL.

3 Logan Cooley USA U-18 (USHL) - don't got much on Cooley, just hasn't stood out to me
middle 6 player for sure though I'd say.

4 Simon Nemec Nitra (SVK) - Could go 1st tbh.
Think he or Jiri will be a top pairing D, Chance for best in class.

5 Cutter Gauthier USA U-18 (USHL) - really like Cutter, Bob has him quite high, I'd like him in teal
3C with 2C upside, def think he could become the best "power center" of the class

6 David Jiricek Plzen (CZE) - see what I said on Nemec
Chance for best in class.

7 Joakim Kemell JYP (SM Liiga) - I think he'll go 7th and thats great for OTT
Chance for best in class. Guy is a lethal threat.

8 Jonathan Lakkerimaki Djurgardens (SWE J-20) - youre happy selecting Lekki 8+
Legitimate chance at being a 30g+ scorer

9 Matt Savoie Winnipeg (WHL) - high end potential, I mean real high
Savoie down here is a steal. Hindsight does not matter - this is a great pick even if it doesnt pan out

10 Marco Kasper Rögle (SHL) - Him and Cutter have flown up the ranks, I like him at 10
middle 6 C with a good probability of making it

11 Kevin Korchinski Seattle (WHL) - for the love of god I do not want him as a SJS selection
Probably a top4D tho if he lands right and develops on his flaws

12 Pavel Mintyukov Saginaw (OHL) - see above

13 Conor Geekie Winnipeg (WHL) - I guess your very happy with Geekie here but I think hes a bottom 6C with upside
Has potential to be a top 6 C, cant go wrong

14 Danila Yurov Magnitogorsk (KHL) - Big fan, would consider at 11 if Lekki, Kemell, Kasper, Cutter are gone
I think he will hit, top 6 winger with 1st line potential as he's got it all at 200ft, Chance for best in class.

15 Frank Nazar USA U-18 (USHL) - Big fan, would consider at 11 if Lekki, Kemell, Kasper, Cutter are gone
Add some size (similar to Eklunds case in 2021) and I think he'll devleop nicely. Top6 potential, cant go wrong with him past 10

16 Brad Lambert JYP (SM Liiga)- Big fan, would consider at 11 if Lekki, Kemell, Kasper, Cutter are gone
Huge wildcard but he's got potential. I see him being similar to Raty or JP. Probably high end middle 6 player but has best in class potential..</div></div>

holy smokes this was accurate as hell