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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
Thread: Hertl
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rob32sjsharks</b></div><div>God damnit dude we are not trading Hertl!!
I’d doesn’t matter that your trade is very reasonable and logical and if I was GM I would at least consider this and maybe counter asking for your 22 1st instead.

I hate that our GM is to arrogant to look at the big picture and realize he needs to make better choices and start the rebuild.

This is fair and reasonable but the sharks in the end decline because A. Hertl is our biggest fan favorite and it would hurt ticket sales and marketing to let him go, and B Wilson thinks we can still be a cup contender.</div></div>

I'm sorry if I offended San Jose fans somehow by making this proposal. Has Wilson explicitly come out and said that Hertl isn't moving at any cost, or what makes you so adamant that he's not getting traded?

I was initially looking at San Jose as a potential destination for Compher if we were to move him, but then I realised that you'd need to move a contract to make it work. SJ's cap situation is pretty bad to say the least, with only $10.5m in space in the offseason and half a roster to fill. Something will have to give, and Hertl's contract looks like the easiest and most obvious to move given his soon-to-be UFA status.

That being the case I figured that 3 young NHLer's + Compher would be a decent way for San Jose to start to fill out their lineup with solid young players again to try to be competitive sooner rather than later, even if it costs them a 2C. They simply can't continue with this bottom 6 and D and expect to be competitive.

Wilson must by now surely be realising that San Jose don't have a hope of making the playoffs or doing any damage even if they got there and got to face Vegas or Colorado in round 1. San Jose need to kickstart a rebuild asap if they're going to have any hope of being competitive within the timeframe of Burns and Karlsson's contracts.

Regarding the 1st, is there a reason why you want it to be 2022 instead? Better draft and more scouted presumably? I don't really mind either way. Also happy to include both 1st's instead of one of Kaut/Timmins if you prefer that too.
Forum: Armchair-GM7 hours ago
Thread: Hertl
Forum: Fauteuil - DG10 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>I like your posts and how you are willing to listen to other comments.
I do not say that so you will accept my input only that you are very reasonable.
Here's the deal, both Little and Shibball hated Botterill so any player he picked up is worthless than a bucket of spit.
In fact Montour has and is playing well.
Two years age after being traded to Buffalo he was the Sabres best defenseman for the final 20 games of the season.
Last year only Ristolainen played more minutes per game than he and this year only Dahlin and Ristolainen play more than he. Plus he had the best +/- of all skaters last season.
This year of all defensemen he has the highest 5 on 5 SV%
While Staal for Compher may be a close deal (what is up with J.T. this year) Montour for Graves is not even close.</div></div>

Thanks, it's nice to hear some positive feedback. Much appreciated! :)

I was actually just looking closer at Montour's advanced stats to try to get a better picture. Here's a post I made on the Hfboards Avs trade thread about him if you're interested: https://hfboards.mandatory.com/posts/176115712/

I agree with what you're saying about Montour. It seems to me that he's been a bit of a victim of circumstance, having to always play LD or with crap D partners (eg. Irwin). When he's been paired with McCabe or Dahlin he's done pretty well statistically. But then again that would be expected as Dahlin and McCabe are far more solid than other guys on that team, though his pairing with Dahlin and McCabe has outperformed most other pairings, like Dahlin-Miller for example.

Montour is the sort of Dman that needs to have a good coach to succeed; a coach who can identify his strengths and play to them. He's not an offensive Dman or PPQB, but what he is elite at is getting the puck from the DZ to the OZ. He also needs to have permission to rush the puck, which is somethng not all coaches like. Barrie for example went from a 60 point Dman in Colorado to a disaster in Babcock's team because Babcock didn't want any puckrushing.

If the team that acquires him knows what they're doing it could end up being a really nice cheap deal for them. 40 point puck-rushing Dmen don't grow on trees after all.

That said, to be balanced I think it's fair to say that Montour's defensive zone play is pretty bad. The Avs D system is also built around stopping zone entries with Dmen who step up at the line and forwards that backcheck hard, and that isn't exactly Montour's strong suit, so I could see some trepidation in acquiring him, at least from the Avs perspective. We've also got 4 puckmoving Dmen who aren't the biggest guys, so I think Sakic would be more likely to try to acquire more of a shutdown type to bolster our 3rd pairing rather than a puckrushing Dman. Would be pretty fun if we did add Montour though, and would allow us to explore options to trade Timmins for a good middle 6 C in a separate trade.

Regarding Compher, the way he's playing is really weird. I mean there's just very little engagement, just a guy doing a whole lot of nothing. It's weird to see, because we all know how he can play. Before he signed that contract he was a tenacious puck hound playing full of energy and getting to dirty areas and scoring some nice goals around the net; but that's all gone this year. Judging by TOI last game (he played 5:50 in the first 2 periods, and then got 5 minutes in the 3rd when the game was basically over already) he seems to be on a short leash. O'Connor has come in and played really well, so if he doesn't up his game he could be on his way out of the lineup pretty soon.
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