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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 7:38 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>norris voters view him as a top five blue liner - missed a good chunk of the season last year, but was top five the two previous years. FYI sergachev has gotten one fourth place vote in his entire career, and Pietrangelo hasn't gotten any since before we knew about covid.</div></div>

Pietrangelo won the cup as the #1 defenseman on 2 different teams.... The Blues Cup? He led the Blues from the basement to the penthouse. Sergachev had a 64 point season last year, overtook Hedman who has multiple Norris Torophies as the top minute munching defenseman. He was hurt most of this season but he is scary good, him not being himself is Tampa's biggest issue for why they can't find their groove. Hedman is slowing down. Still elite, but can't do it himself anymore.

Pietrangelo gets elite status because he dioes what McAvoy does, just does it better. Hence why he can win the cup on multiple teams. I mean look at Montour? Guy had 64 points last season plays the RD side... His defense is very good, his offense is better than McAvoy's. Look at previous Cup winners..... They all have who I say are elite defenseman.

Col with Makar....He's elite but doesn't hit anyone for the most part. McAvoy hits but nowehere close to the offense Makar brings.
TB - Hedman again doesn't play all that physical but he gets it done. More than one occasion
Washington - John Carlsson another Norris Trophy winner... scores a ton of points, plays physical.... makes $8M a year. Compared to McAvoy's $9.5M
Pit - Kris Letang, another elite level scoring defenseman. Doesn't play physical, but he's the top defenseman on a cup winning team.

Boston your team when they won the cup? You had Zdeno Chara... A Norris Trophy winner.... McAvoy is no Zdeno Chara, and Chara won on his 2-way game both the cup and the Norris. Again McAvoy is not even close to his league. Montour has 8pts in 11 games. McAvoy 6 points in 13 games. Point is.....This is what it really comes down to....Elite? is when the game is on the line and that guy has to be the difference? McAvoy is not him. Pastrnak gets $11.2M Because he was the difference when the game mattered asgainst the Leafs. Marner? Is being killed because he wasn't a difference maker. Marner racks up a ton of points. Will he be remembered as elite? Matthews? 3rd place in Selke Trophy voting.... $12.5M.... Matthews was great in Game 6.... That's it. McAvoy is simply a strong 2-way defenseman and there are a ton of them. Boston fans just seem to think he's worth more than everyone else. Just like Bruins fans see Rielly as overrated but Leaf fans think he's great because he scores points.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 7:21 p.m.
Thread: 2024-25 v4
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 6:59 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>when you're posting stuff like this, i wouldn't call anyone an idiot. this is one of the dumber things that i've ever read.</div></div>

Dude, you need to watch more hockey outside of Boston games.... McAvoy is not an elite defenseman. and yes if you're going to only take into account Brady's offense and overlook the fact that he is always among league leaders in hits, fights, shots on goal, etc.... then don't consider McAvoy elite because he does those things as a defenseman. You remove the physicality from the two of them? Tkachuk is a point per game winger despite his 100 PIM's.... McAvoy without the physicality is nothing more than an average offensive defenseman. Those are juyst the facts. McAvoy making $9.5M is brutal!!!! He's nbot a game breaker, when the game needs to be decided? I am not picking McAvoy over Makar, Karlsson, Hughes, Hedman, Sergachev, etc.... When you make $9.5M you7 are expected to be the guy that can win you the game when the going gets tough. If you honestly believe he is that guy? You do not know hockey plain and simple.

Here I'll put it into context for you.... why is Pasta being paid $11.25M? It's because generally speaking he's the guy that has to make the difference between his team winning and losing. Pasta scored the series clinching goal against the Leafs. Why is Marner being crucified in Toronto? It's because he's making just as much money against the cap and did very little. McAvoy is not a game breaker. He's just a solid rugged defenseman that is grossly overpaid....
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 6:50 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 6:42 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 6:34 p.m.
LMAO You have to be out of your mind if you tghink you're getting ANYWHERE close to that for Marner....Timmons and Holmberg are cap dumps.... lol Listen.... Marner will only waive for a couple of teams dep[ending on the situation. I will explain why. He's only got 5 teams he's likely going to waive for....

1) Ana &amp; SJ.....Only if they have a contract ready for him before he plays a single game for them. No way he risks a poor season to hgurt the most important contract of his career.
2) Ott, Det, Pit.... Ott because he would probably like the idea of playing with Stutzle and Tkachuk and it's close to Toronto where he says he wants to stay close. Det befcsuse again close to Toronto and maybe DeBrincat can be that goal scorer for him. Pittsburgh well because he gets to play for Dubas, and the idea of playing on a line with Crosby would appeal to anyone.

Outside of those teams? Unless they're willing to pay him $12M right now? He's not waiving for them. Other GM's know this, those same GM's know the prospect of bringing Marner to training camp is impossible. The distraction it would cause in that market would be hell and would derail the Leafs season before it even begins. Then at the end of it, Marner walks for nothing. Could you imagine what that would mean for Shanahan and Treliving? GM's aren't about being nice.... They know the boot is on Toronto's throat so "FAIR" doesn't exist in any deal for Marner. TRhe only leverage they might have is in the amnount of retention. The more they retain the package will get slightly better. But the Leafs can't afford to retain much so they have to be willing to get very little back for him and hope with whatever cap sapce they do create after retention and paying for his replacement, they can put towards the rest of the roster.

There will be no 1st rounders or top end prospects going back, definitely not a player like Tkachuk. Chychrun? possibly because everyone knows Ottawa needs to get rid of Chychrun as well. So a straight up trade of Chychrun for Marner would be a good start....but if that's the best piece you're going to get for Marner, Ottawa will likely need Toronto to retain at least $3M or so.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 5:34 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 20 at 5:16 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 16 at 3:02 a.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 16 at 2:22 a.m.
Thread: Big Shift 1
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JZ_DAL</b></div><div>Robertson - Stützle - Marner
Tkachuk - Pinto - Giroux
Kaliyev - Greig - Batherson
Joseph - Jankowski - Clutterbuck

Sanderson - Zub
Chabot - Whitecloud
Kleven - Chatfield


OTT: Marner (10x8) &amp; Robertson
TOR: Chychrun &amp; BOS 1st OR OTT 2nd

that’s what the deal would be, that’s fair, TOR definitely isn’t looking to move McCabe if they’re tryna compete still

I also don’t think Norris will be out all year, I’d use him in a trade as a piece to get Ullmark or Saros, Korpisalo goes to another team, you need to add obviously, I also wonder how Korpisalo would do with this new D core</div></div>

I do think Norris will be out all season. This is his 3rd surgery in 4 years!!! I think he takes the whole year to properly rehab and build the strength. If that shoulder goes on him again? His career is done 100%. People need to get away from a Marner trade being relatively fair. The tradegrounds are not on a level playing field for the deal to be fair. Why do people think like this? GM 's are ruthless.... In any deal for Marner? It starts with say Ottawa in this case.....with their boot on Toronto's throat.

1) If Toronto is dealing with Ottawa....or any particular team? It's because they are one of maybe two teams the Leafs are allowed to deal with.
2) Marner has a full NMC so there is no going somewhere else if they don't like Ottawa's offer.
3) Yes Chychrun had a down year and everyone knows Ottawa is going to move him....But Ottawa isn't dealing with a NMC. Think Ottawa fans.... Do you think Staios found a 3rd and 4th rounder fair for Tank?
4) Marner is not a playoff player, with 7 post seasons of average production at best. $11M for a player that helps you get to the playoffs? Teams will say we can find cheaper.
5) Marner in the 2nd half was seperated from Matthews.... He didn't fare to well. Every other GM knows their team doesn't have a guy wgo scored 69 goals. $12M is a steep ask for a player that might not be able to produce 90 points without such a scorer on his line.

Lastly.....Sens fans??? FAIR???? Imagine the Erik Karklsson trade? How good does that deal look if SJ didn;t **** the bed in 2020? Norris would've been the only decent piece left. Does anyone in their right minds think Marner today is as valuable as Karlsson was when we moved him to SJ? Not a chance... a RHD with 2 Norris Trophies to his name? So think how does Marner with a full NMC get more than what Ottawa got for Karlsson? Leverage is key and Toronto has absolutely none.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 16 at 2:02 a.m.
Thread: next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DanielSan92</b></div><div>"I did take Detroit's situation into consideration." Yet you've been told multiple times that Detroit doesn't need any more LHD lol.

And then you want them to cripple their future center depth for a top 4 LHD <em>that they don't need.</em></div></div>

Okay.... one last time.... IF THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE A DEAL FOR CHYCHRUN... IF!!!!! THEY!!!!! WERE!!! GOING!!!! TO!!! DO!!! IT!!! I never said they were!!!! But if Detroit was going to do it, they don't agree with you, they for some reason believe they need to upgrade their LD position for whatever frigging reason!!!! It makes more sense for Detroit to trade a center!!!! not a winger. Up the middle, Detroit has Larkin, JT Compher, &amp; Copp for 4 years!!!! They aren't senior citizens.... Detroit because they gave these contracts have to think they plan on moving forward with these guys. Future? Detroit has Danielsson, Kaspar, and Theodor Niederbach... who will be a solid 2nd line center, Wings fans will love the guy. However.....On the wings? You have Berggren and Mazur and Berggren. Berggren is 23 and has had trouble staying with the Wings, which leaves Mazur as the only winger prospect the Wings have. So I said..... It makes more sense....IF!!!!!!! The Wings were going to do it even if they don't.... I'm saying if you were going to make the trade like the poster did.... It makes more sense for the Wings to move on from a center than a prospect winger because they are so much deeper down the middle both at the NHL level and in the prospect system. Do you understand?????