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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>seanrushton</b></div><div>"Carolina and Svechnikov would be a 50 goal scorer and your team defence would improve a great deal"... I have severe doubts about that considering I don't think that Svech has the kind of shooting talent that gets you fifty-goal seasons

Fair enough about the point about goals against average
I was just saying that your system generally favors a lot more offensive risk than the Hurricanes system does
I'm not saying that Marner isn't a great player... I'm just saying it's too much risk for my blood to give up two top-six players especially one who can be a 70-80 point guy</div></div>

You just don't want to even know how TO plays. They don't take loads of risk or play run and gun. They play a strong structured game that emphasizes on keeping possession of the puck and being in the right position defensively. The notion that TO sucks defensively is blatantly wrong and yet 90% of fans on this site still think TO is bottom 10 defensively when they have been top 10 for 2 straight years. Their offence has dropped because they focus on defence way more.

Carolina plays a much different offensive system, (I don't even know what to call it) where they fire pucks at the net from everywhere and hope they can get rebounds. It's not a great plan but their defensive zone coverage is very strong. Not the best but very strong. You definitely could use a lot more skill up front but a system that emphasizes shot selection over quantity would be wise.

I would say that Carolina plays more run and gun than TO does.
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