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Apr 7, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
Thread: Hertl
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>I'm sorry if I offended San Jose fans somehow by making this proposal. Has Wilson explicitly come out and said that Hertl isn't moving at any cost, or what makes you so adamant that he's not getting traded?

I was initially looking at San Jose as a potential destination for Compher if we were to move him, but then I realised that you'd need to move a contract to make it work. SJ's cap situation is pretty bad to say the least, with only $10.5m in space in the offseason and half a roster to fill. Something will have to give, and Hertl's contract looks like the easiest and most obvious to move given his soon-to-be UFA status.

That being the case I figured that 3 young NHLer's + Compher would be a decent way for San Jose to start to fill out their lineup with solid young players again to try to be competitive sooner rather than later, even if it costs them a 2C. They simply can't continue with this bottom 6 and D and expect to be competitive.

Wilson must by now surely be realising that San Jose don't have a hope of making the playoffs or doing any damage even if they got there and got to face Vegas or Colorado in round 1. San Jose need to kickstart a rebuild asap if they're going to have any hope of being competitive within the timeframe of Burns and Karlsson's contracts.

Regarding the 1st, is there a reason why you want it to be 2022 instead? Better draft and more scouted presumably? I don't really mind either way. Also happy to include both 1st's instead of one of Kaut/Timmins if you prefer that too.</div></div>

Lol I’m sorry you totally didn’t offend me or any sharks fan! It’s a fair trade and I would consider it but the sharks won’t! I’m more mad at out GM not this post.

I agree with everything you said above, your very logical and I feel like you deserve an apology as I was trying to be funny not rude.
As for trading Hertl here is the article where Doug says he won’t trade Hertl.


And 21 draft only has like 2/3 top end talents and a lot of middling prospects 22 is suppose to put 20 draft to shame with its depth and quality.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 11:00 am