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Forum: Armchair-GM5 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Aurorean</b></div><div>I gues you're on the trade Marner bandwagon... the Leafs defense starts with a tier 2 defensemen in Rielly... the forwards are fine now... with cowan &amp; minten coming in
the defense needs a total rebuild.</div></div>

Cowan and Minten are very unlikely to make the roster next season. Minten will be AHL bound, Cowan will get a 9 game tryout and then he’ll be back to junior cause he’s not ready for pro hockey yet.

I guess you didn’t watch the series - the defence was fine. They committed to a team defence and shut Boston’s offence down. But not being able to score over 3 goals in a playoff game for how long now? - that’s the issue. And offence starts from the defence, Rielly is an elite puck moving defender and at 5v5 he provides offence which is what the team needs. On defence, they need a big shot for the PP &amp; maybe 1 other guy to provide a bit of physicality back there. But it doesn’t need to be overhauled by moving out their #1 defender. That creates more of a problem than a solution.

&amp; in terms of trading Mitch - yes he needs to go. Not for his playoff performances, but to get him outta this insane market that blames him for everything regardless if it’s his fault or not. I know Mitch personally, he loves playing in Toronto and I love watching him play out his dream, but the core needs to change and it’s a business as much as it is a game. Matthews isn’t moving. Nylander isn’t moving. Tavares isn’t moving. So you’re left with Marner - he’s the change you need that will bring you the most in return. So yes. It’s time to trade him before he walks as a free agent for nothing.
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