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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>I agree with what you said except on Draisaitl. Even if they pay him 13.5M, they'll have an average of ~11.5M on a superstar 1C, 1RW, and 1RD which is about what it would cost to get superstars in those positions. They'll just need to get good cost efficient, quality contracts like H Lindholm's. That's why they probably should not pay Swayman 6M especially since they only know what he can do in tandem with one of the most stable goalies in Ullmark. Signing Swayman in the 5s would be imperative to getting a goalie pairing that doesn't cost 9M+ when Bussi gets his bridge deal-if they pay ~8M total that would be decent. They'll probably need to get Lindholm at a haircut under 7M as well. If they could convince Draisaitl to take a haircut under 13M, would be even better.

I don't think Kane considers that contract, so there might be no point in signing Lindholm and moving Coyle, since Lindholm might not produce a ton more playing on an island by himself or with Marchand/Bertuzzi alone. There is the powerplay but you don't want to pay a guy ~7M to just produce on the powerplay.</div></div>

Totally fair assessment. I really like Draisaitl and would kill for him to be a bruin, I just don't see Swayman taking less than 6.5 now which like you said makes the math hard. The main reason I think the timing is off is because Coyle's deal is done in 2 years. at which point it would've been perfect to be in the market for a franchise center with that 5+ in cap space added. Maybe someone like Eichel who's done at the same time makes sense
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