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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>If I disagree with your understanding of the situation, it must be because I know nothing about the prospect pool? It sounds like you're saying they've already drafted everyone they need to in order to compete and wait for them to be competitive. I am advocating trading ONE of those plethora of prospects to be competitive now.

I am not denying the eventual dominance of Savoie or Levi. But I think TT is 28 by the time those guys are ready to make an impact and probably 27 by the time Power is. Okposo &amp; Skinner will be long gone.

Why is it a problem to do both? Develop Levi &amp; Savoie and the others but trade one player to compete now if you can? Owen Power is nice, but he's not exactly Bobby Orr. He's more like Dustin Byfuglien with better skating.

This team will finish middle of the pack this year which is the absolute worst thing for any team.</div></div>

How old were stamkos, hedman etc when they won their first cup? Tage being 28 is fine lol. I cant think of a more opposite comp for power than buff, the guy has played literally 9 games and his underlyings were among the top of the team as well as scored twice lol. Also ranked by multiple sources as the number 1 prospect in the nhl. And no middle of the pack is bad when your prospect pool sucks such as the islanders or sharks who have no direction. Growth this year and finishing 13th last is fine in my books. Grabbing ready players now who have the potential to leave in a couple years just blocks spots for the young guy such as conner taking quinns spot in line up and powerplay. Not saying quinn is as good as conner but it is kind of dumb especially from an undesirable market such as buffalo to lose players who you have team control of for 6-7 years for players who will choose to leave in 2 years in ufa for example.
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