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Nov 8, 2018
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DennisReynolds</b></div><div>The connection is they have the pieces.

It makes sense for Anaheim because they would get a clear replacement for Ryan Getzlaf, and if he returns that’s huge for the room and Eichel. But if I’m Anaheim, I’m not doing it unless Ryan Getzlaf returns because that’s his locker room. We’ve already seen Eichel as a captain and he’s not ready to even be a leader “.

The other thing is, Anaheim has a top four pick in the 2021 draft....keep in mind the 2021 draft is a tough one to evaluate, especially when you get outside the top 10 because there is such little scouting and film. It’s not like they are dealing a 2013 or 2003 pick.

I don’t think you get Zegras and the number 2 even in 2021 though. Zegras is a guy you’d want to support Eichel with and eventually be a major player on the Ducks.

Buffalo would need to take Ryan Kesler’s deal back not for cap reasons but for team budget reasons. Anaheim is budget conscious and they likely won’t want to take back a 10 million dollar cap hit with a player they are paying on LTIR.

Anaheim is also much closer than it appears. They’re set in goal with Gibby, the defense is respectable when it’s fully healthy with Hampus, Fowler, and Manson, and they should get a boost in a couple years with Drysdale, but the scoring has been the main problem. Do you being Getzlaf back? That helps your room and brining Eichel gives you a true 1C to put with Comtois, Rakell, a young Zegras, Silfverberg and Henrique.

I think the return would be centered around the second to fourth overall in 2021, and then probably Lundestrom, Jones, and a third prospects.

But I think Anaheim would want to build around Zegras and Drysdale, and not necessarily move them</div></div>

Eichel wouldn't do it without zegras or Drysdale and I presume they prefer zegras.

I like Gibson but he's now had two below average seasons in a row. That's concerning.

While I agree with a lot of your comments re players the game is played on the ice not on paper. No matter how you cut it they were the second worse team in the league. They scored the fewest goals. Let in the 9th most. Had the second worse gf-ga. That's awful