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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>The Petry case is confounding and that's why it causes a lot of consternation here.

On one side you have the dynamic of supply and demand. There is literally nobody available on the right side of defence at a cheap cost after the Letang signing.

On the other side, no teams have the money to fit him in their salary structure besides 3-4 teams.

At this point you have to go by Hughes word and that is he is NOT retaining any salary in a trade, and he wont pay to move him. That clearly indicates without the return he demands, there is no deal.
We saw with the Islanders rumours that the 13th pick was available, and, indeed, traded to the Habs. Hughes didnt budge by trading Anderson which was reported by Seravalli and Lebrun as a monster ask above a high pick.

Petry wont be traded for any less than what Hughes demands. That is something that ppl should have learned here by now.
The same story happened with Lehkonen. Everyone here said they wouldnt get a 1st round pick in return. Hughes never waivered in his return requests and Lebrun had an entire article on theathletic dedicated to the process from the Sakic and Hughes sides.

Sakic didn't want to move a pick and prospect but it occurred.

Hughes with that whole ordeal and now the courageous selection of Juraj as the whole market was chanting for Wright, that shows that he will not be cornered, whatsoever.

For people not to learn by now that Petry wont be given away is borderline sociopathic and those ppl should be ignored.</div></div>

This is a well thought out post. However I would contend that Montreal fans expecting Dallas to give up a first or top prospect without serious retention is equally sociopathic.