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Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 11 at 12:42
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>taitken</b></div><div>I'm not really tied to Garland specifically, I was moreso looking at a winger that the Leafs could fit into their top 6, while simultaneously not really losing anyone of significance to the expansion draft. Thus protecting Kerfoot and trading both Holl &amp; Dermott. I signed Hutton for the expansion draft and thought he'd likely end up being the 8th dman that spends most of the year in the AHL.

In terms of the value of Holl &amp; Dermott, i thought Arizona might want them as they likely are going to put together a low-cost team that has some upside and they have a tonne of older vets on expiring deals that probably need replacing:
- Holl would be a decent #4 for cheap
- Dermott likely isn't up for a big raise and I still think he'll be a top 4D given the opportunity he was never given in Toronto.
- Add either a decent prospect or pick and thought it'd be enough.

I was thinking Garland would have similar value to guys like JT Miller (to Van), Kapanen (to Pit) &amp; Burakovsky (to Col)... but I think I may be underselling Garland now.
Part of me now thinks that it'd be better to just run who ever Seattle doesn't take of Dermott/Holl in the #2RD spot and go after a guy like Tatar in UFA</div></div>

I hear ya, but I think the yotes would rather try to aquire as many picks and prosprcts as possible and spend the 2 mill on a FA. If Seattle takes Kerfoot we gain 3.5 mill in cap space which will go along way for us based on our current cap situation. Those are good comps for Garland, however, I think he commands a little more value. If our FO qants him I think Amirov and next years 1st have to be part of a trade, but given how few picks we have and how valuable ELC contracts are to us we'd be better off going the FA route like you said.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 6 at 7:45
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>taitken</b></div><div>You're likely right, I was honestly more interested in the roster players moving hands. Toronto likely needs to add picks/prospects to make that work, but the offersheet value for Garland is likely only a 1st &amp; 3rd, so it doesn't seem insane to think a #4RHD and a 3rd pairing LHD with some upside might be the basis for that trade. I'm not sure if that's just a 2nd round pick or which prospect.

I also would rather keep both Holl &amp; Dermott but the main idea for this trade is not have to lose either of them to Seattle in the expansion draft.</div></div>

I understand you're asking for help in terms of value because you like Garland so my best guess would be Kerfoot (although he'll be taken in the expansion draft) Amirov and a 1st or 2nd. IMO Holl's value is a 2nd and a 6th depending on how high of a draft selection (and I think the yotes would rather have the picks and 2 mill to use in FA). Holl doesn't have the same value to Arizona as he does to the leafs or a lot of other teams.

If you want to move them before the expansion draft than what D are the leafs exposing? Every team has to have 1 under contract.

IMO Seattle is taking Kerfoot from T.O. because on the right side they'll have as of rn Dumba, Cernek, Gudas, Mayfield &amp; DeMelo to choose from who would be more appeling than Holl to them and similar or better options than Dermott on the left plus I think they'll need more help up front. For all the hate Kerf gets he's a decent player who is slightly overpaid.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 6 at 7:08
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 29 at 3:18
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