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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>Great comments. I agree, probably best to just wait on Lindholm as he likely hits the free market. Without question our biggest hole on this team is a #1LHD and Keith is showing signs that the minutes are taking its toll on him with dumb turnovers. Drafting a LHD like Lambos, Evidsson, Power, or Huges is great but they are all 2 years away and won't step into a #1 role for probably a total of 4 years or even 5. That makes Lindholm a great play IMO, but again, can wait until FA after next season.

Compher is interesting IMO. He's local kid and had a great season prior but is playing center right now and not looking good. Janmark is not part of the future IMO and I'd rather pick up Compher then a 2nd rounder and gamble on a bag of magic beans; 2nd rounders have less then a 25% of making the NHL fulltime.

We can get Saad back I'm sure and for cheaper thus making the gamble on Big Z not as bad. Saad is playing outstanding of course with the Avs. Hawks are really weak with RW players/prospects, Compher and Saad can make that side a strength of ours, but another option is maybe grabbing Tuch for Strome since Vegas is capped strapped and could use another center?

I agree somewhat on Nylander. While the Hawks shouldn't give up on him now because his trade value is in the toilet given his injury, knee injuries also aren't easy to come back from. Look at Andreas Johnsson for reference as he looks okay but certainly brought down his ceiling IMO. If Nylander proves himself, then we have the option of moving Compher, Saad, or even Kurashev.

Bottom line, #1 need for the Hawks is a top line LHD and #2 need is a top 6 (even top 9) winger and preferably a 2 way power forward type (Compher and Saad are both that).</div></div>

I guess if we end up waiting for Lindholm to hit FA than trading for him then thats no guarantee so we should end up drafting an LD there, which is fair. But then again, they might all be gone in that time. We will probably know better what the ideal outcome is closer to the draft. Compher hasnt been playing great this season and I trust Bowman and Kelley to scout good 2nd round talent more so than I trust/need him to bounce back into a 3rd line talent. For Saad, its not really about his production, but I think at the end of the day once everyone develops (including whoever we take in the next two drafts) would be more productive than him by the 3rd or 4th year in his contract. I would definitely add Tuch though, I think the Tuch for strome foundation would be a great one to try and add to. There are plenty of options and uncertainties and we still have several prospects who could pan out. Also pretty confident between now and then Bowman will find another Euro talent to sign somewhere along the way whether Zhafyarov ends up happening or not so its always hard to predict any straight lines with him. It would be pretty dope if he could find a stud LD from Switzerland next
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