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Thread: Lets discuss
To be honest, I feel Drury set himself up for failure coming into this deadline. He has an ideology that usually never bodes well and that's building a contender at the deadline. The issue with Drury can be stemmed from trading a 1RW (Buchnevich) for an abysmal return that has paid no dividends to this team and still haunts them now. The cap space was used on a LHD (Nemeth) who nearly costed us the first-round series in 2022 against the Penguins and was dumped with TWO 2nd-round picks the following off-season. He has done a poor job managing cap space as we haven't been comfortable with the cap since 2020. He did the best thing he could do this deadline. He added two forwards that fill the holes at C/RW and a depth defenseman while managing to keep his first for this draft. The best part of this deadline was keeping that first as having talent coming in at ELC is crucial for the next few years as top players get paid and he tries to improve using free agency and trades. Not to mention adding a first-round talent to Perreault, Othmann, Cuylle, Sykora, Berard, and others is important for the next 2-3 years without having any picks in the mid rounds.

I personally think this roster rides and dies on the shoulders of Shesty, Mika, Kreider, and Panarin. The top guys need to perform or they are screwed. Carolina, Florida, and Toronto will crush them like NJ did last year if they don't play to their potential and the aging core losing another year of it's window. This team is intriguing as I feel they have the talent and coaching to make it out of the east. We'll see what they can do but there is a lot of pieces coming in next year and the year after and with cap rising and big contracts like Panarin and Trouba ($20M!) coming off the books, that's when Drury will have a real chance to fight for a cup like Vegas is doing right now.
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