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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Welcome to CapFriendly in general and the enthusiastic and vociferous hard-core cadre of Ducks stalwarts in particular!</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mkhart</b></div><div>As the other guy said, Ducks absolutely do not need LHD. We mayybe could use a young stay at home RHD prospect, but biggest need is offensive wingers with a good shot. Issue with Berard is Verbeek has gone out of his way to avoid players who are under 6 foot. In the two+ years he's been GM he hasn't traded or drafted a single sub-6ft player - I don't think the return value for Vatrano is too far off but Verbeek just won't be interested if he isn't getting prospect with some size.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>How are his stats "a bit skewed"? One third of his points are power-play points, just like the top four scorers on your team (Panarin, Kreider, Trochek and Zibanejad). And you can't say that this inflates Frankies numbers because the Anaheim power play is one of the worst in the League.

The problem with a Rangers trade is that we want a current first and a RW or RD prospect for him, and all are difficult for you to supply. We understand your desire to hang onto the 2024 pick, but postponing the first just elevates our desire to get a good prospect fit. And you clearly don't have a good RD prospect in the pipeline, and as for RW, Lamb and Pajuniemi are too little and Perreault is obviously too much. Once you start talking about LW prospects, we're in a posture of settling rather than getting what we want.

A 2025 first and Brody Lamb would be a great package for Adam Henrique at $2,912,500. It's not enough for Frankie Vatrano with one more season on his ticket.</div></div>

I get they want size and all but these guys are good, Berard. Sykora too. Both of them I think could transition to RW, it can’t be all that difficult to do that. Sykora in particular has a motor that never stops apparently. Verbeek will hurt himself and org by limiting himself to one type of guy

Vatrano has my heart trust me lol I loved him when he was here, but he wouldn’t be utilized the same way here, probably PP2 so that’s what I mean by skewed. Hes PP1 there. Which is fine but I think his value takes a hit if you consider what teams are trading for him (contenders) where he wouldn’t be on PP1 for most teams. I’m not trying to slight the guy at all

Like I said earlier, Edstrom is 6’7 so he could be the guy you’re looking for in that case. He actually can play too
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