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Thread: Hall
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>The question is not whether Byram is worth Hall or vice versa. That's debatable to the cows come home.

The real question is whether the Avs need to include Byram in a trade to get Hall. IMO they don't. The cost to get him will not be as astronomical as some are making it. He's a pending UFA and the Devils will not be able to sign him. NJ loses negotiating power by the day.

Don't mistake me with thinking he'll be for free.... NJ will still get a nice package. Just not a player like Byram+. Byram is arguably the best LHD prospect not playing in the NHL right now. Think Makar but on the left side.

Would anyone trade Makar right now for Hall? That answer should be no, regardless of how good Hall is.</div></div>

Hall/Byram would work I think for both Shero/Sakic (fans will ****, mostly Avs) <strong>In no way is that pkg for Hall correct!</strong> I like it but come on. Makar is untouchable and any Devs fan who says that is wrong and has not watched him play. My kid is in school at UMASS, he led that team to the finals. Solid kid too! Could have left when the coach who recruited him left, he stayed and was a main player on the team, that's not the way it usually happens.

I've said all over this board, I think Hall gets extended by whomever he is moved to. Just my opinion.

I'm wondering if Shero does not sign Sami Vats, would Sakic be interested in moving Zads also for Hall/Vats with +s? Both players could come with 50% cap retained (I know Colo has cash less attractive to them), both FA's this year. Zads probably is there exposed player in Seattle though.
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