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Forum: NHL TradesJan. 31 at 10:09 p.m.
Well, Alvin with his announcement that he'd been extended, has certainly made a splash of it today. I understand that the Canucks needed a "2C", but damn did Alvin give a lot up to have a center core of Petty and Lindholm. Lindholm is 29, which is fairly young, but man he's been on a decline ever since his 21-22 PPG, with 64 points last season, and a decline in goals this season with only 9g and 23a for 32 points in 49 games. I get that he's a center, and a good one at that with a 55.5% FO, and pretty solid two-way work, but damn that point total decline is worrying with the assets he got in return, while also playing on the 1st line. Vancouver gets their 2C but at what cost.

Arguably the best piece Vancouver got would be Hunter Brzustewicz, which arguably is one of the best Dmen in the entire CHL system. I understand that's he turned 19 in November, but damn you don't see too many 100 point Dmen in the CHL, especially in the OHL. While playing for Kitchenor of the OHL, he has posted 8g 61a 69 points in 47 games (on pace for 11g 87a for 98 points). I get that someone like Zayne Parekh, who is only just turning 18 is on pace for 33g 66a for 99 points, but that doesn't take away how impressive Brzustewicz has been for the Rangers. I mean CHL players can bomb when coming through the system to the NHL, but if he makes it he will absolutely kill it on PP1 for the Flames, being a beast on that blueline.

Moving on to some other pieces for the Flames would be a presumably late 1st for 2024, in which a draft that isn't as stacked as last season, you can absolutely pick up a gem late in the 1st round, and a conditional 4th is a pretty good add for this 2024 draft (pending conditions of course). Another minor piece would be 21 yo D Joni Jurmo, who seems to have struggled (compared to his 15 points last season) in Liiga with only 1g 2a in 34 GP between KooKoo/Ilves. His rights expire Jun 1, 2024, and is likely not to receive an ELC, but if he does get one maybe he adjusts to NA ice well and can progress to the NHL. Odds are against him but you never know.

The last piece being Andrei Kuzmenko, who's had a "down year" but damn if he can return to his rookie season goal totals last year, of getting 39 goals this can end up being a crazy trade for the Flames. Kuzy of course hasn't worked out since getting his extension of 2 years at $5.5 mil, but if he can repeat his 74 point totals he could absolutely earn it and possibly get a haul, or get another extension and stay with the Flames. As a so-called sniper, Kuzy with only 8 goals is a rough look, but with a new system maybe he gets that forward core moving better then Lindholm could've. If Kuzmenko doesn't work out I still think a small return for him would be a good return.

My concluding thoughts would be that this is a pretty big Calgary win, especially if Lindholm ends up being a pure rental. A guy like Lindholm just isn't worth what assets was given up to acquire to him, I mean he's just been declining so much offensively, and I think a lot of people mistaken that because he's a big name. I get Vancouver has better prospects like a Tom Willander and Lekkerimäki incoming but damn Brzustewicz is a tough one to lose. I will admit if Lindholm returns to a 65+ point center with a decent long-term contract it probably won't end up as bad, but we'll just have to see. Gotta think last season isn't a fluke for Kuzmenko, but the future will tell.
Forum: NHL TradesJan. 9 at 12:02 a.m.
Forum: NHL SigningsAug. 23, 2023 at 10:31 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jr400</b></div><div>I’d love to see what this stacked defense could do. I’d reunite DeAngelo with Slavin 5 on 5 and play Orlov with Burns, and I’d balance the ice time between the three pairs more than you would when there’s a clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd pair. I’d also try going with two defensemen on the power play instead of four forwards, giving all four of DeAngelo, Burns, Orlov and Skjei some power play time, because those guys can generate scoring chances better than a lot of their forwards. Pesce and Slavin would be the main penalty killers again.

However, I still think they’d be better off trading Pesce or Skjei for a goal-scoring forward. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Skjei, because Pesce and Chatfield both play the right side, but it would depend on what the other team needs. As long as it upgrades their forwards more than playing Chatfield or Jones would downgrade their defense (Chatfield was fine on the third pair last season), it’s worth doing. I agree that their forward lines don’t look too bad now if everybody’s healthy, but I feel a little nervous counting on Brendan Lemieux or one of their prospects, none of whom have been tearing up the AHL, as the next man up.

Another option could be trading Chatfield for a reliable depth forward, but there are probably a few unrestricted free agents still around they could sign for that role instead of trading for one.</div></div>

I think you gotta keep Burns and Slavin together, I think TDA will play like ghost with orlov on the bottom pairing. I wish Chatfield will play over TDA but that won't happen. And I can see where 4 Dmen are used on the powerplay unit. Also I think Ponomarev, Rees, and Gunler are solid next-man up prospects. Would love to see Pono/Rees crack the roster opening day though, Gunler still needs to work on his goal scoring, guy could be a 30 goal scorer if he wants at the nhl level.
Forum: NHL SigningsAug. 12, 2023 at 12:52 a.m.