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Thread: Realisticish
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sk540</b></div><div>You kind of have to think though that in this day and age, you may not ever really get back the value of either what you think you should get or what the production is. i would take a 2023 first and that prospect, maybe another prospect, or maybe more picks in later drafts. I would just love to come away with as many 1st's in 2023 as possible.

The Hayes retention shouldn't matter at all since we probably aren't even contending by the time his contract is up, especially if we're getting their '23 first and a top 10 prospect in their pool.

I know St Louis may not want to get rid of him, but his contract is up next year and they have so many wings, may be nice to maximize his value and potentially not lose him for nothing. I also get the feeling Armstrong is not going to just accept a down year, they have several pieces to win now, they got some draft capital this year, but they certainly have a roster, especially on the back end, that can get back into the playoffs now.

Just my opinions though.</div></div>

Regarding the blues part I don't think they will trade Vrana right now because he was good for us and fills a need on the top 6 right now. The only wingers I think that are outright better are Saad, Buch, and Kyrou. Most likely we will trade him for picks at the deadline. Also we already have Scandella, Krug, Leddy making a lot of money on the left side so we would have to get rid of them first in order to fit Provorov. Our GM said he didn't want to do a sabres/devils type of rebuild but he specifically mentioned the Kings as model he would like to follow. The Kings finished in the bottom 10 from 2019-2021 while also adding pieces like Danult, Arvidsson, Fiala, etc....
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