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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 3:28 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I agree about Bishop &gt; Khudobin but the optics of trading that deal so soon after signing it are poor. Doesn't line up well if the Stars are looking at a retool and might want to bring in a quality free agent in a year or two.

I can't fully speak to that but there is going to be a familiarity with the guys in the room, considerations to leadership, and that Pavelski is a very good #3C in the short-term. Karlsson and company are going to think they're looking to be cup contenders but I don't think there's a roster configuration for this club that gets them past the 2nd round in any circumstance. Just the reality of the hand they're dealt.</div></div>

Unless Bishop waives his NMC, which I don't see any scenario where he does, the Stars have to do whatever it takes to move Khudobin. That can be paying Seattle to take him or trading him elsewhere for a 7th round pick, but he has to be off the roster by opening night. If he's still in Dallas, they have to either run with 3 goalies or send Jake Oettinger, who is arguably the best goalie in the organization right now, down to the AHL. This is exactly why myself along with many Stars fans were annoyed when Dallas re-signed Khudobin to a deal longer than 1 year.

Oettinger AT MINIMUM should be splitting starts with Bishop next season &amp; there's a very real scenario where he is the full time starter by the end of the season with Bishop relegated to backup duty (which would be ideal, given his injury history).

I agree with you on the fact that I don't see a roster that gets San Jose past the 2nd Round, and I think even that may be a bit optimistic. Obviously the GM &amp; the Owners are going to say that they are competing for a Cup, but I'd really be curious what the mindset currently is of the brass in San Jose. From a business perspective, have they resigned themselves to the fact that their Cup window has closed &amp; that they need to start the process of getting younger, or do they genuinely still believe that their Cup window is still open? If it's the latter, then absolutely make the trade that gives you the best shot to win, but if it's the former then losing a prospect or two for a 37-year old isn't the best idea. If you really want him to play another season, you could always try and entice him to return before the 2022-2023 season when he's a UFA.
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 12:39 pm
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