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Forum: Armchair-GM16 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SadlyAnOilFan</b></div><div>Yeah it does have to be based on stats and fact. So tell me, how is Muzzin better than nurse? How is Holl better than Bear? How is mikheyev even close in value to Puljujarvi? Seems like you are the one making stuff up.

Nurse has been absolutely stellar this season. He’s played tons, put up some key goals, and through all of it been sound defensively. He’s also 6 years younger than Muzzin.

Bear averaged over 21 minutes a night as a rookie on the best regular season Canadian team. Holl was no where near that good last year. And It was just a freak accident that caused Bear to miss time this year, he was on the bench when it happened.

Puljujarvi has been playing really hard defensively responsible hockey, and oh yeah, he has great offensive upside and has started to break out the last while. I think he’s got 6 goals in the last 10 games and it looks like the sky’s the limit on McDavids wing. Really, you’re saying Dubas could call up Holland right now and say: hey want to do Puljujarvi for Mikheyev 1 for 1? That’s just crazy. They’re not even close to being “about equal”</div></div>

You clearly didn't read it. As of right now there equal taking in to account character and all around game, obviously pool party will be far better playing with McDavid but let time determine that and see how good defensively he will be or if it drifts off. As for nurse Muzzin, Muzzin is the much better defensive player yeah nurse has more production but that doesn't constitute a better player. Bear and Holl are both league average defenders I just think holls size and speed put him above bear
Forum: Armchair-GM22 hours ago