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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mikearky</b></div><div>What source are you referencing? Again most pundits have Wings in the top half of prospect rankings.

So you say, but pundits who do this for a living say different. You could be right, no offense I read several sources who say differently. Yes will.all the prospects pan out, of course not, we both know that, but to say most are pickers is opinion, based only on your definition. Yzerman proved , whether by luck or just good scouting, can draft well. If what you say is they should take more picks and propsects for proven players makes no sense. You defeat your own arguement. If the cupboard is bare then why give him more bullets just to waste them.

Again, I have stated on here many times, teams in a rebuild need to draw a line in the sand and start from there. If we trade Mantha, Bertuzzi and Hronek for futures and they pan out or look like they are planning out, teams in the next 4 to 5 years will say, you need to rebuild and take picks and younger prospects. It creates a cycle or never ending rebuild. Wings become a feeder system for other clubs. Not truly a NHL team.

Are the Wings down, yes no question. Have they hit rock bottom, I hope so, but I beleive so and now it is up to Yzerman to guide the team forward.

Will Bertuzzi or other young players like Mantha, Zadina, Hronek or Larkin be dealt, maybe but they are not being traded for younger players who have proved nothing for the same position. They will trade them to plug holes where we have lack or prospect talent.

Sandin probably is not getting traded, I understand, but the Wings will want what they want or they will pass. Some on this post make it like Wings have no choice, and that is just arrogance.</div></div>

I don't disagree with any of that. I think I'm being misunderstood. Of course Detroit has good prospects but I just don't think all of them are as good as some people think, I think the majority of yzermans picks have been pretty good picks im simply saying guys who might be 5+ years older than the majority of the players hitting the team now could be dealt for impact players or prospects of high quality too better fit the long term dynamic of the team. Of course you want to fill needs but it's extremely rare to see a team give up there absolute #1 prospect for a guy who will be on the 2nd or 3rd line. Those assets are reserved for idk let's say Florida was in the tank and barkov was on his last or second last year THATS the type of player you move your number 1 prospect and maybe number 2 prospect. Bertuzzi is a better kapanen so when everyone said we got way more than what he was worth than realistically that's a package that could get a Bertuzzi type and hallander was nowhere near top prospect.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BStinson</b></div><div>I can see an argument for Hyman but ultimately Bertuzzi has achieved more at a younger age and still has two seasons with higher production than Hyman while still being 4ish years younger.

So again, Detroit is a top 5 prospect pool now but according to you in the previous 3 drafts they sucked? That doesn’t even make sense nor judging prospects a year or two after their draft. Yzerman has only been here for 2 but I’ll just point out the three drafts. Zadina (top 6 winger with top line potential) graduated, Berggren (top 6 winger tearing up SHL), Veleno (mid 6 center prospect looking good on a terrible SHL team), McIsaac (LD defensive D thats had injury issues with possible second pairing potential), Seider (arguably the best defense prospect not in the NHL and setting SHL records), Tuomisto (NCAA defensemen with a ton of tools to love), Wallinder is similar to Tuomisto but SHL bound, Lucas Raymond (first line winger potential), and Neiderbach (mid six potential skilled center). That’s just looking at the past three years and couple rounds while having the worst lottery luck in that span and you’re looking at judging non-first rounders within a couple years of a draft especially defensemen, jeez that’s grasping at straws backpedaling. If my team wanted a proven NHL player and we were in a position to contend then yeah I’d give up futures to help my team win a cup...</div></div>

Ah Raymond I knew I was forgetting one, and prospects are players not in the NHL so zadina doesn't count here. As for the others Toronto has extremely similar picks doing the same thing. What I'm saying is the top pedigree picks that's it not the fringe top end talent. In relation to amount of picks they have had they aren't bringing as much out of those picks. And I'm not saying it's Yzerman I think he is a good gm for sure I think it was the two years before Yzerman that hurt their prospect pool. I guess it's a difference in opinion. Also Hyman is only two years older. I agree Bertuzzi has a bit more production but Hyman is the literal complete player that needs to be cloned for science.
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