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Dec 12, 2018
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Forum: NHL TradesWed at 10:13 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>krakowitz</b></div><div>I couldn't emotionally handle coming into this thread without some time to decompress. From a pure hockey standpoint, the Caps got a better fit for Laviolette's system, cost certainty for the next three years, and someone who (I believe) was just on a 30+ goal, 70+ point pace last year. Giving up the picks isn't ideal, but I could care less about draft picks while we still have a shot to win. Ultimately, this deal made the Caps better today.

But my love for Jakub Vrana can't help but make me mad that this deal went down. My favorite non-Ovechkin player on our team is gone. I even have his jersey hanging up in my room. This is a tough one to emotionally swallow for myself and a ton of other Caps fans.</div></div>

A lot of us are scratching our heads in Detroit trying to figure out why Vrana fell out of favor in WSH. Mantha will probably put up 20-30 goals a season and 50-60 pts for the Caps. He has the potential to do so much more, but refuses to put in the effort. A lot of Wings fans were sick of watching a 6'5" pylon glide around the ice and wait for opportunities rather than creating them. When asked about the trade on the broadcast that night, Mickey Redmond deadpanned "Well Mantha had some trouble picking up his feet this year." Mantha was even benched earlier in the season because he was spending entire shifts just floating and waiting for pucks to come to him.

Vrana can skate like the wind, has a wicked shot, and can't be any worse defensively than Mantha. I could see them trading the pair 1 for 1, but giving him up along with a 1st and a 2nd is just madness to me.
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