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Thread: Next Year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Canucks33</b></div><div>Fair enough, but with Garland we have a lot of cap tied up into wingers. If we keep him, then we'll need to play one of Pettersson, Horvat or Miller at 3C, which is not ideal. All of those guys should be in the top-6.

Between Garland and Boeser, I'd rather keep Boeser. He's a home grown goal scorer that has established chemistry with our franchise players and has stated he wants to stay (probably taking a bit of a discount). I don't think losing Garland would have a substantial effect on the team, especially with Podkolzin and Hoglander continuing to grow. Garland started off great, then didn't do much for a long stretch before lighting it up at the very end with a red hot Pettersson. I think the team would be fine without him.

I understand the managerial argument to hold on to the asset and see if he can increase his value, but the reality is taking that gamble hinders our ability to improve our team elsewhere. If we have Garland then we are losing out on either a 3C or Boeser, both of which would help the team more in my opinion. I don't think gambling on Garland putting up an extra 10-ish points is worth restricting the team from improving in more important areas, even if the trade value is somewhat lacking in some people's eyes.</div></div>

I think you’re underrating Garland’s net 5v5 impact on this team. Canucks control play best when he is on the ice. JT millers best run this season came when garland was on his wing, then garland moved to Petey’s line and petey had his best run of the year. It’s not coincidence.

Since you have so much extra cap next year that you’re not even using Ferland LTI, why not just keep him and then make the decision on which winger to trade next year?

No harm in running miller - petey - Horvat down the middle if you’re not going to use your cap space anyways.