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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>Addison is fifth in the Calder race right now, just behind Sanderson. They're literally tied in points right now. None of those players listed were Calder contenders. Where is the comparable there?

You haven't watched Boldy much at all if you think he doesn't get $7.5M. Robertson isn't a good comparable in this instance as that was well-known underpay because the Stars ownership is cheap. Fiala got more than Robertson did from LA and <em>that</em> was a fair contract.

Boldy and Fiala are in the same tier. A $6.5M contract on a 3 year bridge deal is however fair.

Did you not notice that backup goaltenders are routinely getting $2-3M on the open market for the last 3 years? $2M is the going market rate for backups these days.</div></div>

Addison is barely scoring at a higher clip than durzi was last year. Addison has 6 points in his first 4 games of the season and has 4 in his last 16. Fo you really think he’s a 40 point caliber player? Much more likely he finishes around 20-30 points, making durzi and excellent comparable
Fiala was coming off a bridge deal and was one year away from UFA with arbitration rights. Boldy is coming off of an ELC with no Arb rights 5 years away from UFA and has never scored a point per game. 7.5 is too much unless it’s 8 years like Suzuki or Keller or hischier signed.

There are plenty of back up goalies that are sub or equal to $1 million when they are re-signed has an RFA. Current examples like Malcom Subban, Sam montembeault, or Jonas johanson all signed short term deals for a million or less after being a back up goalie for less than a season.
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