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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>I mean lets be full on honest

If Huberdeau was still doing what he was doing in FLA and Weegar continued this performance for 4-5 years it would be fine. Huberdeau's seismic drop which still is hard to pinpoint is the reason it looks bad along with FLA's Cinderella run

Cause Weegar has been one of the better defenders this year and has 15 goals rn. Hes been basically the reason its not been a seismic mistake. If Huberdeau was still 80+ point guy and Weegar was doing his thing nobody would be complaining and some would argue fair trade</div></div>

Its look bad now, but lets wait couple more year. FLA has window open now and if they bring Cup and Huberdeau will be bought out, then we can see who is winner, but for now its look like bad for Trevling. I fully understand your points tho. Ppls in here Capfriendly did vote 232vs41 win for CGY when trade was done (35 fair votes). Things can change very fast in hockey and you cant predict everything.

In my mind, Dubas was part of creating culture in Toronto where they are giving very high cap hits for they stars, so now i see that every RFA or free agent want max value when signing in Toronto. How much Shanahan had influence on those contracts stay question mark.

I like Pettersson new contract, i think he left money to table, that way you give your team more flexibility to build Stanley Cup team. I hope they can re-sign Lindholm and Hronek too. Maybe they let Myers walk? and use that extra 6 milj to re-sign Hronek and Lindholm
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