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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>My FA targets as of now

1. Lazar (should be able to be got for 1.05mill x 3 years)

2. Ho-Sang (I think he technically counts as a free agent 925k x 2 years to me he is Bunting 2.0)

3. Cody Eakin (1mill x 2 years) --&gt; Imagine 4 centers with the capability of winning faceoffs more than 50% of the time. Also is Kampf insurance should he take a penalty or is hurt)

4. One of Holtby, MAF, Husso (3-4.5mill)

Now should these players get Bought-Out/Non-Qualified would look at the following and how much they should sign for

1. Monahan (2mill x 1 year basically what Wennberg did)

2. White (1.5mill x 2 years)

3. Wood (1.85mill x 2 years)

4. Murray (1.5mill x 2 years)

Havent posted it yet but so far I have come up with the following team



MAF (if he decides to come 3mill x 1 year)
Murray (gets bought out so is making 2.5mill from Ottawa + 1.5mill from Toronto so hes making 4mill all things considered which is why we can probs get him under 2mill)

Extras: Simmonds, Anderson, Dahlstrom

Wont discuss trades as to me I think its just gonna be money out go get UFA's

But who knows maybe Dubas trades for Gibson or something</div></div>

I like some ideas you have, others I'm worried about.

One big one, Tavares can still take FOs but has to shift to wing like Stamkos. So we need someone with speed to play 2C when not taking FOs.

I love an idea of trading Sandin for Lundell.

Lazar is interesting idea, Ho-Sang I'm interested but to insert as 2RW is a reach.

Fleury has to be going to the Penguins.
Holtby, cant do it... just cant stay healthy enough to warrant a chance.
Husso is on everyone's list, including mine.
He will be highly sought after.
How do you feel about deal centered around Mzraek for Murray with retention?

Muzzin has to go, I know you said you dont know about trades... I just dont know how to bring back.

For me that means we will need minimum 2 x top4 D man, tough decisions ahead.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LaffsFan</b></div><div>This season we've got Campbell, Giordano, Lyubushkin, Sandin, Liljegren, Mikheyev, Kase, Engvall, Spezza, and Blackwell on the books.

I'm gonna try and guess how much it would cost to resign them...

Campbell: 4.25m x 6
Mikheyev: 3m x 3 (I doubt he comes back. I don't even want him back)
Giordano: 2.5m x 1 (the range on what he can possibly get is huge)
Lyubushkin: 2m x 2 (It would make no sense to resign him)
Sandin: 2m x 2
Liljegren: 2m x 2
Kase: 2m x 1 (so many injuries. may as well trade his rights)
Blackwell: 2m x 1 (doubt they resign him. lowkey a waste of a third-round pick)
Engvall: 1.75m x 1
Spezza: 750k x 1

Tell me what I got wrong</div></div>

I'd like Campbell at lower number than that.
Similar to Mzraek salary makes most sense, and if he wants more... move on and take chance on Husso at 3 to 3.5 million AAV.
Mikheyev is gone, not sure he ever removed his trade request.
I hoping Giordano take team friendly deal to stay.
I'd offer Lybushki the same deal that Holl was signed to.
Sandin, it will be bridge deal at less 2 million to me.
Liljergen, similar to Sandin but also chance of just qualifying offer here with extension later like Dermott.
Kase, played well enough when not injured.
I'd prefer to move on from him due injured time.
Blackwell, impressed and want him back but shouldnt cost more than 1 million AAV.
Engvall, I want him back... cap similar to now or at Mikheyev salary makes sense.
Speeza, I'd take him back but hes not everyday player anymore.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oneX</b></div><div>I agree with what Nick Kypreous and Justin Borne had to say about Leafs needing a true #1 D man. Reilly does alot things well but doesn't do any of those things at an elite level, including having a threatening shot from the point on the powerplay.

They suggested trading Nylander for such a D man or maybe trading Nylander and not taking on much salary so a D man can be signed.

I don't know who that may be but it's hard to argue with that.</div></div>

I have been saying 4 to 5 seasons that Rielly is not #1 D man.
Hes really good #2, that's it.

Now whether to trade Nylander for D man, that is debatable.
It is easy to point to Nylander, the second you trade him guess what your gonna be looking for? It will Nylander level talent.

To me that best way to address the issue is look at was the problem.
Yes we had depth issues, who doesnt?
I think one glaring problem that is only gonna get worse is the injuries that plagued the Leafs this season.
I know you might say something to effect... injuries? Which NHL team doesn't have those??

The issue to me directly at key pieces that getting injured more than once hampered us.
Mzraek, this signing I was never happy with... yes it had potential to go well but what really happened should have been in the back on your mind considering Mzraek's track record.
Muzzin, this man is getting older and slower... and yes more prone to injuries.
I was never a fan of extending him.
Praying and hoping he would stay healthy is and was foolish and stupid.

Both of these two to me are big question marks for next season, I don't have magic pill to fix this but addressing this has to be priority 1 or 2 to me.

What do you think?