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Forum: Armchair-GMDec. 26, 2022 at 8:06 p.m.
Thread: Rebuild
Forum: Armchair-GMDec. 20, 2022 at 5:42 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-Holl is way more valuable than this; but it's also worth noting that a Devils team with Dougie Hamilton, Damon Severson, and John Marino as their RD depth chart wouldn't make a ton of sense as a destination for him.

-Just gonna combine the two Blues deals to show the value disparity:

TORONTO GETS: Vladimir Tarasenko ($3M retained), Ryan O'Reilly ($2M retained), 2024 3rd

ST LOUIS GETS: Alex Kerfoot (pending UFA), Nicholas Robertson (currently injured), Rodion Amirov (still not playing), SDA, 2023 1st, 2024 2nd, 2023 3rd

So the Blues send out their top 2 trade chips, retain on both, and all you're sending them is two prospects with big injury questions marks, a guy typically ranked in the lower half of TML's top 10 prospects, a pending UFA (not really useful for a seller), and a 1st and a 2nd, with a swap of thirds. You realize when you speak it out how bad these offers are, right?

-Muzzin blocks if he has any hope of coming back. I also think Arizona has minimal interest in this - it's not a ton of value gained by taking the contract off your hands. The Bryan Little deal is the template to look at here, and Arizona prioritized getting a nearly-NHL-ready player back as opposed to future picks. I think you're gonna have to go that way (Alex Steeves? Nick Abruzzese) instead of sending picks if Muzzin is LTIRetired and fine with his contract moving to Arizona.

-Garbage deal for the Leafs, and that's coming from someone who loves Mayfield. Brodie is a clear cut top pair guy, and has been for a few years now, with an extra year of term. Mayfield is a pending UFA who can moonlight on the top pair but is best used as your 4th/5th D. The only advantage he has over Brodie is a lower cap hit. Islanders would take this deal in a heartbeat, if only to flip out Brodie for an appropriate return somewhere else.

-LA has too many young forwards as it is; Joey Anderson would be buried on their depth chart. Why not keep him around as depth? You're under the 50 contract limit with him, he has *some* NHL experience in case you need him for a few games, and you can let him loose this summer if you don't want him around. It doesn't make sense to subtract from your depth (even a guy like Joey Anderson) for no reason if you're hoping to go far - getting rid of Joey Anderson means the next man up is, who, Max Ellis? Kyle Clifford? Just keep him, no need to move someone you don't need to move.</div></div>

That's not how this works. This site is for chell trades. You send absolutely nothing from your team and get max retention top players from the other guy. Don't you know this /s
Forum: Armchair-GMDec. 19, 2022 at 6:22 p.m.